Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wat to do...

'When you feel u r all alone n nobody is there to accompany u,
When you feel u r in darkness n nobody is there to show u the path,
When you feel ur heart has a lot of sorrows n there is no hope to smile,
Then just close ur eyes and think that u r the happiest n luckiest person of the world that god has given u the chance to find out Ur internal strength....'
'When you find u r sad n even sadness has become so high,
When u want to smile but have to sigh,
When u find everything strange as sometime it sigh,
Then just try to recognize the man inside you who is unknown to everyone but most unknown to you....'
"things we think are not easy to do i know,
things we want are not easy to get i know,
things we see are not easy to understand i know,
But we should not give up our hopes and desires b'coz life is not worth even living after that, we must know.. Try ur best to get what u want n if u dnt gt that dnt feel low coz that is bcz v might deserve smthng better..."

life is not about cries n smiles always, its not about get whatever we want always, its not about try to be happy always.. its aboutwhatevr we are getting we must accept it or if u cant accept it as the way it comes u must have guts or enough courage to change you destiny...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

crying smiles or smiling tears...(both r meaningful)

sometimes i wonder what if we could stop ourselves by crying everytime, what if we could know what exactly is going to happen, what if we could wash others faces with the brightness of smiles, what if we convert every tear into smile, what if we could make everyone happy, what if we could share our every bit of joy with everyone, what if we could be with our loved ones always, what if we could get what we want to, what if we could throw all our tensions in a single blow of air and a billions of wishes run in d mind then i realize if our every wish could be done there will be no reason of living, no adventures at all, no surprises and anything.. no????.. whever we cry for something\ someone, feel happy for something\someone, give somthing for someone that really means that something or someone really means a lot to us.. if there would be no cries no one will get what matters for then a lot..
sometime when we have lots of pain in heart or want to cry and still have to smile to make others happy then our crying smiles give us terrible pain..
sometimes when we feel so happy that even our tears roll out, these smiling tears give us a reason of living...
so whenever u feel like do anything just do that without even worrying about people who are not even concerned about you..