Monday, February 8, 2010

Rising from ashes or........??

1 day I wasn't feeling good so went out to on sea side to roam around.. I was too busy in thinking about my own changed life so couldn't notice that there was a tiny girl who was selling balloons.. She asked me to buy one and I saw she was having a tiny baby in her lap. I denied to buy one as I felt have too grown up for them now so obviously don't need balloons to be happy anymore but she said 'Please, my brother is hungry didi, just buy one only.' I thought it'll look funny if I will have a balloon in my hand and will go somewhere so I offered her some money to feed her brother. To my wonder she denied and said 'I can't take it like this'. I was amazed as I could see need in her eyes.. I had no option but to buy a balloon and I gave it to a kid passing by. She smiled and I moved on..
Last new year me and my 2 friends thought instead of partying we would spend our day with some social work.

It was just an incident but it reminded me of 1st Jan'10 (New Year) when We (me and 2 of my friends) went to an orphan-age there in Jaipur.

 We got them sweets, fruits and chocolates so obviously all kids were smiling.. When we entered all kid were like 'Hello Didi'. Being with all of them and getting to know was a different feeling. 

After sometime when I asked 'Do u guys go to school??' they nodded with a smile(though it dint seem like a happier one). I thought that the mentors are taking good care of them but when I asked them about what they want to become in future once they complete their studies, they looked at me like I have asked them like have they seen God recently.

I wondered whats wrong.. I looked at their mentor, I found her a sweet lady initially.

She said "Tell Didi, that what you all want to become, tell no, what i told you all yesterday"..and kids came up with doctor, teacher, pilot, manager n all thngs.. I really got surprised as when I asked them first they dint even seem to understnad anything and now all wonder answers... Any way I dint get positive vibes from there so came out with a heavy heart.. 

I met a kid who was one of them outside and asked him to come with me to main road.. He told me in the way about all this.. Their mentor told them to all this yesterday evening as a lots of people come to visit and donate there..

I was feelng so bad.. All the way I was just thinking whats the future of these kids.. I have no complaints from my life now.. I should be happy the way it is but what about then.. wat about their crashed dreams or they even know what dreams are meant for?

I imagined them rising from ashes but now i guess 'going towards' would be perfect instead of 'rising from'..

Just god knows all...