Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sudden Strange Happening!!

When the wind blows around,
I feel somebody is whispering something..
When even I don’t hear any sound,
I feel somebody is saying something..
I find it strange but find stranger when I hear something inside me..

When I take breath,
I feel a fragrance in the environment..
When even I sleep,
I feel the entire world is revolving around..
I don’t get is someone giving me directions to somewhere…..

When I hold something tight,
I feel the more I am loosing that..
When I dream of anything,
I feel the more that is going away..
I wonder if I am choosing or dreaming of wrong things..

When I try a lot to smile,
I feel the more troubles are coming in my way.
When I sit alone and think,
I feel my mind is more in negativity.
I realize the strange happening but don’t know what and why..

Saturday, May 30, 2009

In My Memories!!

I still remember the 1st time we met,
When you looked at me 1st time,
when you smiled at me the very 1st time,
Then why everything is so strange now????

I still can recall the time when we talked 1st time,
when your flirt was on its heights,
when finally we became friends after days,
then how did misunderstanding take place????

I still can feel the moment when i saw trust in your eyes,
when you clutched my hands into your,
when you hold me tight in your arms,
then how did this distance raise????

I still can see the dreams we saw together ,
when were making our tiny tiny plans,
when we promised things to do for sure,
then why life become so lonely now????

I still wanna know why you left me in midway,
why did you break those dreams we saw,
why you didn't keep your promises,
tell me why you gone and where you gone????

Strange, yeah???

I always wonder why its too hard to find you around when I actually need you,
I always think why its too hard to predict what is running in your mind!
I always feel why its too hard to get your own way to look into things,
I know what you are, what you think, how you feel but isn't it strange that you always are a mystery to me....
Things seem easier, life becomes smoother, time runs faster when you are here but why everything becomes strange when you are gone???
I always found that life is full of mysteries! Or better to say unsolved ones... the more we try to solve it or find out solutions, we find more mysteries waiting for us. Strange but true, its like a trap or something like that.
Sometimes I wonder, what if we just leave it the way it is and enjoy it to the fullest, but its not that easy always. People say "If you can't find a solution to a problem then stop thinking about it. Its the perfect way to deal with it and stay happy..."
It's strange, isn't it? But why shouldn't we just try it.. So take a chill pill and blow all your tensions, problems and sorrows away!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It Does Works!!

Oh my God, Guess what it actually works. I tried it finally and it actually worked with no failure. 

Oops, sorry, you people must be thinking that what am I talking about. Hey I am talkng about getting relief from tensions and all kind of stress. Its stress buster. So the matter is, from past few days I was so stressed out; well, dipressed kind of... I thought I am totally screwed. I wont get any solution of my problems. Problems were because of my own things like my personal life which became so complicated, tensions were because of my studies on what I was not able to concentrate properly! Everything looked darker then ever around me... Uff.. It was a terrible experience I must say.

so 1 day I decided to spend some time with myself. When I was sitting alone thinking about the things happening around and were quite strange; I suddenly realized that I dint care to get enough time to think about myself lately and might be its been almost a year. Yes, a complete year!! I started evaluating things, my life, my dreams, my ambitions, my works and all. Now when things were in front of me crystal clear then I came to know I've only spoiled everything. My studies were most affected by that. I never thought about that or might be I was too busy in enjoying my life. I always wanted to do something different, something challenging but when the actual time came to decide things I din't care to give importance to it.. I thought 'Yeah, its OK. Let happen whatever is happening. I am anyway a winner'. bullshit... I had to make things happen according to me.

I always believed that 'If its my life then there are supposed to be only my rules'. Thank god there is atleast a thing which I am still following..

Any way I was talking about trowing the tensions away, right?? So I have started settling down my life, setting my goals again and its giving me extreame happiness.. I am actully enjoying it..

Being a person u always loved to be, being a person who is so special for you, being a person who will never leave u and who is all yours. Well, in short being urself is the best thing I have ever felt or discovered. Didn't you?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wat to do...

'When you feel u r all alone n nobody is there to accompany u,
When you feel u r in darkness n nobody is there to show u the path,
When you feel ur heart has a lot of sorrows n there is no hope to smile,
Then just close ur eyes and think that u r the happiest n luckiest person of the world that god has given u the chance to find out Ur internal strength....'
'When you find u r sad n even sadness has become so high,
When u want to smile but have to sigh,
When u find everything strange as sometime it sigh,
Then just try to recognize the man inside you who is unknown to everyone but most unknown to you....'
"things we think are not easy to do i know,
things we want are not easy to get i know,
things we see are not easy to understand i know,
But we should not give up our hopes and desires b'coz life is not worth even living after that, we must know.. Try ur best to get what u want n if u dnt gt that dnt feel low coz that is bcz v might deserve smthng better..."

life is not about cries n smiles always, its not about get whatever we want always, its not about try to be happy always.. its aboutwhatevr we are getting we must accept it or if u cant accept it as the way it comes u must have guts or enough courage to change you destiny...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

crying smiles or smiling tears...(both r meaningful)

sometimes i wonder what if we could stop ourselves by crying everytime, what if we could know what exactly is going to happen, what if we could wash others faces with the brightness of smiles, what if we convert every tear into smile, what if we could make everyone happy, what if we could share our every bit of joy with everyone, what if we could be with our loved ones always, what if we could get what we want to, what if we could throw all our tensions in a single blow of air and a billions of wishes run in d mind then i realize if our every wish could be done there will be no reason of living, no adventures at all, no surprises and anything.. no????.. whever we cry for something\ someone, feel happy for something\someone, give somthing for someone that really means that something or someone really means a lot to us.. if there would be no cries no one will get what matters for then a lot..
sometime when we have lots of pain in heart or want to cry and still have to smile to make others happy then our crying smiles give us terrible pain..
sometimes when we feel so happy that even our tears roll out, these smiling tears give us a reason of living...
so whenever u feel like do anything just do that without even worrying about people who are not even concerned about you..

Saturday, March 28, 2009

what i want.....

I dont want you to promise me big heavens,
just set a warm place in your heart where nobody else can enter..
I dont want you to sit or walk with me always,
just be with me in every decision i make or every step i take..
I dont want you to share your happiness with me always,
just remember i am always there whenevr u r blue or lonly..
I dont want you to understand whatever i say,
just try to understand what i dont say..
I dont want you to be the best one around,
just want to say you are the best one the way you are..
I dont want you to be perfect,
just wanna remind you that your imperfectness makes you the perfect one..

Saturday, February 7, 2009

€xpectations hurt...

everyone knows that they gonna get hurted if they expect a lot from someone because its just next to impossible that we always get what we want to.. even sometimes i wonder why it happens all the time means why we just dont accept what ever is happening, why we always have expectations from anyone... expecting something is not bad n yeah we cant help it too coz its human nature but i never understand that when we know our expectations are not going to fulfill then why we always expect things even after gettng hurted many times... many times i wonder that why do we expect a lot when even we are capable to do things we desire.. isn't it like we know what exactly is going to happen but then also we wish to take risk, its strange but bitter truth.. 
  but yeah its also true that when we expect something from someone it does not mean we are weak or we are not able for something, its jusk like it gives us extream happiness when they fulfill our expectations...

Friday, February 6, 2009

do i really knw tht wat is love?????

Whenever I take any step far from you I feel the more m falling for u,
Whenever I think not to go close to u I feel ur breathing inside me not u,
Whenever I found me all alone I feel a touch of love from u,
I don’t know what exactly happens and how at all it happens,
But strange I do feel myself more close to you, even closest to u...

Whenever I recall that time we spent together,
Whenever I remember those moments we shared,
Whenever I think about the small fights we had,
Every time some smiling tears roll out on my cheeks,
As they are telling me that missing someone is too bad...

Whenever I take any decision you come in that from no where,
Whenever I think something, I found you in that every where,
Whenever I look around to see if you are near me some where,
But I know somehow I have to manage these things...
Now I feel being or live without you is going to be hard any where....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Now I've realized that I'm alone,

At first I thought I'm not alone,
All the problems I have I fight it on my own,

I cry with no one care for me,
The world, just look and pass by
Then stop and ask why I cry,

I'm breathing in the air that is filled with evil
The more I breathe it more grows inside me

And nothing I can do since I'm alone,
Now being kind I see is not good,
People turn to hate for the good things you do.

I sleep crying not knowing how will be tomorrow
May be I might smile or continue crying,

Now I have learned how life is all about....
You birth alone to face a life and to struggle,
When you get older you get more foes then friends,
Then your best friends turn to be your great enemies

I know that I am alone,
It is me and I and nobody else,
I will be alone till the death.

love is pain?????

is there anything called true love????? people say they love someone truly but when somebody ask them that do they even think about being together they stare u like u've asked them that have they seen god recently..... different people different views but the main thing is that u have to care about ur loved ones, u have to think that hw they feel about you.. in my views love is that in which the happiness of another person is essential to ur own. love is always bestowed as a gift- freely, willingly and without expectations. we dont love to be loved, we just love to love but we dont love to gt hurt always. some people say if u cant cry for someone u cant love someone n i feel somehow its a bitter truth. u cant stop urself by cryng for someone, caring for someone... thts why love is completely helpless.. expressing urself to someone is such a tough job because u dont know how the other person will take it, hw he\she will react, will he\she make fun of ur feelngs and blah blah but after tellng ur feelngs u feel free..
If somebody can not respect you he\she cant love you. if someone love you he\she will not want you to change urself. u will not have to do some kind of compromise, specially those which put effect on ur values.. he\she will love u as the way u are.. and yup its the most lovely thing on the earth if u have someone who thinks abt u, cares abt u and most of the all love u TRUELY...

Monday, January 19, 2009

trust urself...

well there are very few times when we even hate ourselves for taking some wrong dicesions but we always just love the way we are. some times in life we have to face a lots of problem to know the reality of life better.. so the best way to come out of all the stress is to trust urself. just think whwtevr u do is best then only we will never dare to let urself down and will do definitly best. never do compromise with your values and principles for anyone who even do not care for u,.. i know we people have to do compro with a lotz of thinks, in lotz of matters but when the question of self esteem comes, when the matter of values come doing compro is not a good idea... Remember one thing the person who likes u, a person who loves u he\she always admires u for what u r, not for what u r trying to be... so do always believe and trust urself if u want others to respect you. be calm and humble bt never make urself too much flexible that anybody can bent u as they want.. that is it..

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

some moments

Moments or better to say few memorable moments mean a lot to everyone, yeah????... they make our life pricious.. make us smile or sometime cry.. make us happy or sometime left us sad.. then also we used to recall moments..
when i was in school i used to recall my moments of childhood, i was in hostel i used to miss my days i spent at home doin things or pranks my mom dad never liked as they used to tell me to grow up, now when i am in college i used to think about the time when i was in school where i spent time wid frens in hostel, bunked classes, stole things from hostel mess, did pranks mostly after midnight(thats why i got a compliment that whenevr i smile it seems like my mind is too busy in making some plans.. he he...)n a lot and sometimes break into tears... now when i am going to complete my college and we will be too much busy in settel down our lives and things we gonna miss it...
why its too hard to keep everything as the way its goin on or as the way its happening...?????
why we always have to move on and leave everything behind....????
why always we realize things after everything is done and nothing is left...????
Isnt it stange we dont give priority to things what we have and always run behind things....?????
well i dont think anyone have answers of these questions or might be everybody think so too... might be a lots of people are searching for d answers too...
People dont have time to think about things which are not generally known, once they get some time to think i think we will get answers of all queries...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

life is tough..

its my first post in my blog so do not exactly know what and how to write... when i was a kid i used to think that life is too easy.. its just as it seems to be.. but when i grew up i came to know the bitter truths of it. its really not like as it seems to be. its very tough and hard to survive without your dear and near ones.. when i was in school i got best pals of my life.. they were just like my family to me. but with the increase in my age the dark side of the life appeared in front of me. i lost my most loved aunty. it was the worst day of my life during school days. i dont remember any other bad experience of mine during those days. then i came to college, i met people, we came close then closer and finally became friends and you know what, got ditched.. sometimes i think the word Friend is completly fake but yeah i know thats not that true... there are a few ones who think about us, care for us and love us.. we can consider them as a reason. A reason of our survival. They are not fake, their care is not fake.
we really need good people to live with, to trust and to share urself. but we should be careful before making friends.