Saturday, May 30, 2009

In My Memories!!

I still remember the 1st time we met,
When you looked at me 1st time,
when you smiled at me the very 1st time,
Then why everything is so strange now????

I still can recall the time when we talked 1st time,
when your flirt was on its heights,
when finally we became friends after days,
then how did misunderstanding take place????

I still can feel the moment when i saw trust in your eyes,
when you clutched my hands into your,
when you hold me tight in your arms,
then how did this distance raise????

I still can see the dreams we saw together ,
when were making our tiny tiny plans,
when we promised things to do for sure,
then why life become so lonely now????

I still wanna know why you left me in midway,
why did you break those dreams we saw,
why you didn't keep your promises,
tell me why you gone and where you gone????

Strange, yeah???

I always wonder why its too hard to find you around when I actually need you,
I always think why its too hard to predict what is running in your mind!
I always feel why its too hard to get your own way to look into things,
I know what you are, what you think, how you feel but isn't it strange that you always are a mystery to me....
Things seem easier, life becomes smoother, time runs faster when you are here but why everything becomes strange when you are gone???
I always found that life is full of mysteries! Or better to say unsolved ones... the more we try to solve it or find out solutions, we find more mysteries waiting for us. Strange but true, its like a trap or something like that.
Sometimes I wonder, what if we just leave it the way it is and enjoy it to the fullest, but its not that easy always. People say "If you can't find a solution to a problem then stop thinking about it. Its the perfect way to deal with it and stay happy..."
It's strange, isn't it? But why shouldn't we just try it.. So take a chill pill and blow all your tensions, problems and sorrows away!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It Does Works!!

Oh my God, Guess what it actually works. I tried it finally and it actually worked with no failure. 

Oops, sorry, you people must be thinking that what am I talking about. Hey I am talkng about getting relief from tensions and all kind of stress. Its stress buster. So the matter is, from past few days I was so stressed out; well, dipressed kind of... I thought I am totally screwed. I wont get any solution of my problems. Problems were because of my own things like my personal life which became so complicated, tensions were because of my studies on what I was not able to concentrate properly! Everything looked darker then ever around me... Uff.. It was a terrible experience I must say.

so 1 day I decided to spend some time with myself. When I was sitting alone thinking about the things happening around and were quite strange; I suddenly realized that I dint care to get enough time to think about myself lately and might be its been almost a year. Yes, a complete year!! I started evaluating things, my life, my dreams, my ambitions, my works and all. Now when things were in front of me crystal clear then I came to know I've only spoiled everything. My studies were most affected by that. I never thought about that or might be I was too busy in enjoying my life. I always wanted to do something different, something challenging but when the actual time came to decide things I din't care to give importance to it.. I thought 'Yeah, its OK. Let happen whatever is happening. I am anyway a winner'. bullshit... I had to make things happen according to me.

I always believed that 'If its my life then there are supposed to be only my rules'. Thank god there is atleast a thing which I am still following..

Any way I was talking about trowing the tensions away, right?? So I have started settling down my life, setting my goals again and its giving me extreame happiness.. I am actully enjoying it..

Being a person u always loved to be, being a person who is so special for you, being a person who will never leave u and who is all yours. Well, in short being urself is the best thing I have ever felt or discovered. Didn't you?