Saturday, February 7, 2009

€xpectations hurt...

everyone knows that they gonna get hurted if they expect a lot from someone because its just next to impossible that we always get what we want to.. even sometimes i wonder why it happens all the time means why we just dont accept what ever is happening, why we always have expectations from anyone... expecting something is not bad n yeah we cant help it too coz its human nature but i never understand that when we know our expectations are not going to fulfill then why we always expect things even after gettng hurted many times... many times i wonder that why do we expect a lot when even we are capable to do things we desire.. isn't it like we know what exactly is going to happen but then also we wish to take risk, its strange but bitter truth.. 
  but yeah its also true that when we expect something from someone it does not mean we are weak or we are not able for something, its jusk like it gives us extream happiness when they fulfill our expectations...

Friday, February 6, 2009

do i really knw tht wat is love?????

Whenever I take any step far from you I feel the more m falling for u,
Whenever I think not to go close to u I feel ur breathing inside me not u,
Whenever I found me all alone I feel a touch of love from u,
I don’t know what exactly happens and how at all it happens,
But strange I do feel myself more close to you, even closest to u...

Whenever I recall that time we spent together,
Whenever I remember those moments we shared,
Whenever I think about the small fights we had,
Every time some smiling tears roll out on my cheeks,
As they are telling me that missing someone is too bad...

Whenever I take any decision you come in that from no where,
Whenever I think something, I found you in that every where,
Whenever I look around to see if you are near me some where,
But I know somehow I have to manage these things...
Now I feel being or live without you is going to be hard any where....