Thursday, April 28, 2011

When Lives need Help..!

I moved a bit further. I went near her. Looked at the face which must have been young and glowing before these fine wrinkles made their home on that.

I said looking at her basket "Give me a dozen. How much for?" She looked at me and smiled.

"A hundred" she replied slowly. May be the killing heat affected her so badly. 

I took the bag from her, she lifted her both hands to give blessings and smiled. I moved on, feeling happy that I might have helped her in some way. To me she resembled someone.
Thinking of these people who have to work like this even after this age is of resting and be in comfort. A remember that story my great grand dad used to tell us.

Few years back there was this one lady who moved to India leaving her fine and lavish life behind for taking care of homeless and rejected people. To spread some love among those who were not that fortunate.

The world passed by that footpath on what there was this a kid lying from like a day or more and no one seemed to even bothered. That dark and rainy night in which a sleek figure was walking down the street without even an umbrella. She stopped by there, looking at that thin tiny boy, she sat down. She took his hand in hers to feel his nerves and kept it back on the floor. She looked up at the sky and jointed her hands to pray. Lifted the kid in her Arms and walked off. To a place where he can get some peace at least after dying. so that even they can get the sleep which we all have. A sleep of relief and peace.

She was Agnes who was known as Teresa. Mother Teresa. 

May be we all need her once again and even stronger. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Unfinished Jobs..!!

"Lets get married next year..! What say?" I heard and almost spilled the coffee with shock and laughter.
"What..!!! What does that supposed to mean." I said sipping the relishing coffee with the cake, looking at his face glowing with smile.
"Stop fooling around" I managed to say and burst out laughing.
"Hmm, what made it sound foolish by the way?" He asked seriously.
"What?" I looked at him with amusement.
He said nothing but kept smiling. A smile which was different from any other ordinary day.
"No no no no no...! It can not be happening. You really mean that. Are you serious? Really? On Shit; good god, , Mercy please." I said in terror.
"What.!" His smile faded. He seemed taken aback.
"See, we are not even in a relationship. We are just friends for god sake. I never even thought about it ever that way. How do you expect me to react? We are just in final year of gradution and its still not over yet. I am any which ways leaving the city next month. There are still so many things we have to think about like our further studies and career. I think you should take some time and think about it." I tried to sound as grown up I could.

May be I always knew it but wasn't just ready to accept the way it was.

He didn't say anything, just nodded. May be because he knew me so well. Discussion was over.
The knock on the door brought me back into the present.
"Who is it?" I asked. What a bad timing I thought. 

No response. I opened the door to find an enevelope lieng on the doorstep.
My visa application was granted for Spain. Now I had everything. 
Satisfactory life, fun friends and a job which keeps me busy travelling. But I missed him, his presence, his support, the best friend I ever had in life with whom I never needed to speak my emotions or anything out.
That was the last conversation we had sitting together before I had left. After that we had met online so many times and even spoke on phone for few minutes but the lack warmth could be felt.

Monday, April 25, 2011

For those who "Matter"..!!

A note about visiting an "Old Age Home"...!!

"Merry Christmas" I said and smiled,
Seeing all the lights and wishes piled..
Ain't you happy seeing faces around,
What stops you to make any sound..!

She looked at me without any movement,
All I could see there was no excitement..
I could feel the storm behind that calm look,
Seemed there was nothing left for her to brook..!

I looked around at those other hundred feet,
Being happy was hard as life was discreet..
Those hands who made their kids walk every mile,
How they could put them away just like in a while.!! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Times when Unfair..!!

"What???" I looked at him surprisingly and yeah, obviously after that fight of last night it was such a surprise to see him standing next to my bed early morning. He almost scared me.

"I made you breakfast and tea. Wake up or you will be late for work" he said.

If it would have been like a normal day I would have overwhelmed with joy but those words of last night were still fresh in my head.

I looked at the clock, turned my head towards wall and again went to sleep "No work today, I am taking a break, will go out somewhere with friends".

I could feel him standing next to me still waiting for me to wake up but as I said it wasn't another day. All his lies and the act of disloyalties stood up against him and stopped me from melting once again. I felt like kneading my head. It was already paining badly because of the tears outflow whole night.

"Okay, and yeah, I have cleansed the kitchen too so you take care" and he left for work.
How much effort a sorry would cause him. and even if he says sorry would I be able to be the same ever again.

Was it my fault that I made my world go around nothing but only him? Did I expected more than I deserved by any chance? 
                Not I guess. Instead of breakfast a break was much needed I suppose.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life's Own Way...!!

I wasn't really sure if it was an illusion,
It was hard to reach to any conclusion,

All Reasons were evident as I could see,
But still my soul din't crave to be free,

I wondered where my life was heading,
No directions I could see but was gliding,

Relying on the fate was the only option I felt,
let life make its way and problems would melt.

Things were not tragic if we see them other way,
Everything gets fine all you have to do is just stay.

Life always has its very own way to move ahead,
Only hope and love we can live upon and then spread.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Questions and even more of them..!!

We do feel empty and alone quite often, don't we? 
Life seems meaningless and peculiar, doesn't it? 

What do we want to generate and live basically? What is it really of which need we are not able to figure out and then fabricate?  

May be its just a change in the routine life we all are seeking but knowingly or unknowingly we refuse to adopt it or may be its just our belief system is so adamant that we don't even want to get out of it and face the reality.

Are we really so weak to face it or its just we don't want to get out of our comfort zone even if it doesn't give us the same comfort which we used to feel being teenagers. 

Too many questions on a tiny brain and a trap of feelings and thoughts all around. Which way to go and what to follow; deciding this is not as easy as it sounds.  

What seems the best is only an escape form everything what bothers you but it isn't so easy..!

Is it...???