Thursday, June 24, 2010

A sticker's move

Sailing through the storm of lies,
We never know where the faith flies,
All would left are few void memories,
U may look calm but the heart cries.

Every dream we saw seems broken,
The flowers of smiles even seem rotten,
We wish we could just slowly escape,
Just in a wave fully blossomed love dries..

It feels as we are losing the grip,
Everything can’t just get fit in scrip,
Need to open up hidden own angelic wings,
For her own identity, even a ant strives..

Everything start to look false and fake,
You neither can let it go nor able to take,
Hard to breath even harder to stretch a smile,
True, real life is far more away than amities..

Why don't all around the heart just put a wall.
Love gives only pain then why we have to fall,
We can’t just feel that things are all the same,
Wish it was live so happiness itself could amplify.

It feels like just to be in the lanes of past,
At least good memories you have, who ever last,
Wish just could turn back my life as it was before,
Don't even feel like living when even soul dies..

Optimism and Spirits

If you actually know how to stretch a smile,
If you know how to make people happy in a while,
If it’s not that hard to put your ego away at times,
You will be the one, whom god will put in the primes.

Keep walking at your pace on the way of being good,
Things will just turn up perfectly as they should,
Why to worry about the people, who have been bad to u,
How to move and settle your life is only up to you.

Blow the worries in the air instantly with each breath,
Truth always shows up, even if it’s somewhere beneath.
Realize that only you are the one, who own your destiny,
Only happiness can run your life smooth even if they are tiny.

Look deeply and find the beauty in the world u have around,
Feel, even the air has its very own special musical sound.
Everything only moves in your life if you wish it to do,
It’s not only you; even the god suffers with his child too.

You have the power to change everything you want to,
It’s not the time to sit aback, just think what you should do.
Letting tears come out not going to change ever anything,
Even your identity and esteem means at least something...

Open up your arms and spread joy, happiness or the love,
Even you have your own wings though you are not a dove.
Be optimistic and try to keep the hopes always alive,
World will change accordingly and you will feel relive.