Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dear Indian Politicians.!

Dear Indian Politicians,

I suppose the main element of being a ruler to know what to do & when. Theories suggest your duty is to be a person the society can look up to. Now you see, the point is every now & then we too indulge in some sort of profitable activity which is not ethical. Fine, our leaders made some mistakes, we forgive them. Is that really that hard if we want to see the nation in a good shape?

But if we look at our politicians in parliament, they are incapable of taking even light-hearted banter. They are discussing the matters that hurt nation’s dignity. Time magazine called our Prime minister ‘The Under-achiever’ & all parties are worried about how their party is going to perform or how much profit who has made.

I really think its times that we rise above all of it & really think about what we need to do as nation. Where are the days when people did not even think about their lives before fighting for the nation? Are we so incapable of raising above all these things?

This is not it. We, the taxpayer pay for the luxury you get. We pay for those ‘Lal-batti’ cars you travel in or the special quote u get in Air-lines or railways. Can’t we expect you to be a little dignifies & think about us? Really we do not want you the drag that SC/ST promotion in Lok-sabha, then Rajya-sabha & then again bounce to some other committee. 

You think its makes us proud that we elected are such leaches who drink our own blood. Land scam, Adarsh scam, 2G scam, coal scam, MGNREGA, PSD system, mining scam, KG Basin Oil scam, BBMP Bangalore scam, CWG scam & many more. How many more u need before u realize that you need to “Grow Up” because the day we grow up, u’l loose all ur chances of growing up.

An Annoyed Indian Citizen

Monday, October 17, 2011

I assure..!!

If loneliness hits your heart,

Or things seem to fall apart,

If darkness creeps in 

Or if you feel low,

Closing you eyes, 

Why don't just go with the flow..!

If smiles would fade in,

Or light around might seem dim,

I assure you, I'll be there,

Just by your side,

No matter if life takes a turn,

Or if you choose to take stride..!!

If times seem unfair,

Or look around in despair,

If essence changes,

Or Feelings fade out,

Even if love disappears,

I'll surround you if you feel left out..!!!

If someday you breach,

and I am out of reach,

if gentle thoughts ember,

and life seem out of place,

Nothing being tentative, I'll come,

Making sure that my sound give you solace..!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

As I see it now

Finally, it seems like I have some time to myself. In last two and half months many times I picked up my tiny pen and tried to write something down or opened this blog to post something, but maybe there was just quite a lot happening. No time for myself and things I loved. All the time dedicated to only thing I always aspired of and guess what I am going to live the dream I saw.

I will be a professional journalist very soon. So by now I have completed 3 news bulletins, quite a few reporting assignments, had been a producer for the website and have roamed just a lot about Bangalore. Life has just begun to show its colors. It wasn’t so easy I always knew that.

I see things around, observe people, lots happened in life and lots went away. Lots I still want to stick to and even lots just do not just seem to matter any more.

When I look back I see a so many changed things in just not even three months. I see a different me and look at the life differently. I am same as human but maybe it’s the work which I love. It’s not a liability to me but a passion worth storming my brains for.

I miss those lanes and drives in Mumbai, all chats and walks on marine drive or eating street food at Chowpatti; but the life I belong to, I have it here, right now in my arms. Its like I can see myself working in the same manner or may be even harder in next coming years. The work that fills me with satisfaction.  

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Adios Mumbai..!

Many options I had; just too many to rely on. Just a lot to struggle for and think about over and over. The state of indecision made me anxious. Just so tired and lifeless. Which way I should choose? Should I keep trying or just let the fate take me where it thinks I belong? Confusions and more of them. Just too much to take.

Okie it all what I have written sounds really heavy but trust me It really was though it was just about choosing a college out of six completely nice options I had. Moving away from the city, friends, people I love the most, my family, the atmosphere I was used to, the sea shore, marine drive and so many other things wasn't that easy but some how I have to manage.

I moved here 2 years back leaving my all college memories behind, my friends, loved ones everyone and everything behind. I still remember those days when I used to sit by the window seeing people roaming with their friends and really cry loud with tears at home. It was me who used to walk alone on the road thinking no one would really care if I even get lost in the madding every time running crowd. But slowly it grew on me and I grew matured with it. The locals and the rains. The Street Foods at the Sea Shore. Walking in the sand bare foot not realizing when the sky grew darker. Seeing the sunset sitting on Marine Drive and seeing those friends laughing. Everything just so special, too much to remember and even lot to love about.

So here is the day I am sitting here writing my last post from Mumbai. I may come back to the city but not any time soon for sure. May be in a year or can be never. I am moving to Bangalore tomorrow; the pub city or Garden city or Silicon Valley of India. Life takes you every where you never even thought you would ever move to. So I am moving from here; bidding good bye to the city I could feel mine after long, the city which made me fall in love with it. The city which adapted me within so smoothly.  

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Only If..!

Only if the feelings were still alive and soul wasn't ceased,
Only if things would have been the way you could feel pleased..!

Only if the tiny things don't look nasty because of the Ego,
Only if you just stick to people you love and don't just let go..!

Only if you could hold my hand tight and cared to talk,
Only if you could wait bit longer and we shared a walk..!

Only if the world go the way you think it really would,
Only if you dream impossible and work the way you should..!

Only if  the warmness of heart doesn't start to feel like heat,
Only if the records were set for the love and you could beat..!

Only if it was really so easy to move on and heal a wound,
Only if the breaking the hearts and hopes could make a sound..!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Silent Words..!

For that one tiny moment I felt I was really gagged. There was a lot to say but it seemed like words got stuck in my throat. How many times I had imagined this converstaion on this particular moment thinking that I was being omitted and left out or almost forgetton. How many nights I spent wetting my pillows, I even lost the count of them. There were  so many questions but no one could answer even one.

I felt a flood of tears coming out but I had to mantain this patient somehow a bit longer. The voice which used to make my world thrill in one instant and I thought was lost; was there again,  standing right there in front of me. 

No questions were asked and no answers given. The moment just passed in the silence with the gaze and everything seemed just so perfect once again. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Love Possible..!

He altered the ego
and made a move,
The sense was divine
He felt a groove,

Lost in memories
Tranquil was the feeling,
He felt heart at ease
Wounds were healing,

He never was so happy
Even sadness could fill a pond,
But now when love happened 
so he was only fond of this bond...!