Friday, August 13, 2010

I was!!

It was an ordinary day just like every other day of her life. She got up in the morning, after all the routine left for office, again slept in the cab and after whole day of struggling with mails and release orders finally came home back in no hurry. Yeah, in no hurry.

I never felt her so idle and unstable. It seemed like something was badly disturbing her in somewhere deep down which she is not even able to take out. Like every day there was neither that bounce in her walk when she left for home or the warmth in voice the way we felt when she used to talk. I never felt her presence so quite and calm. I could not recognize her at all as she was not the same what she used to be. There wasn’t that friendly smile because of what she had so many friends and for what they used to love her.

Things seemed to be changed since she left from here because a girl who never stopped talking and laughing for no reason now hardly talks and smiles to people. Even tough if she tries she feels why to fake, as it wasn’t hard to smile for her ever. A girl who never cared for future and whatever is happening around, is now more concerned about how others will feel, no matter how much it hurts her. Getting hurt was never even known to her. Pain was a thing of some other universe to her. Everyone was just same for her; every body has the same importance. No priorities or anything. Her life was like another fairy tale and yeah, they do exist.

A girl who never expected much from life as she always got everything even before she thought of it. She had no problems at her own; even she knew how to turn teary eyes into smiley cheeks. A girl who never even gave mind a sec to think twice before doing or saying something, now keep talking in her mind but tongue doesn’t seem to support the brain.

God, I missed her. I missed the way things used to be.

I closed my eyes and tears rolled down on my cheeks, as I could not look at the mirror anymore.