Thursday, March 31, 2011

Silly Pilly!! :D

Banta Singh decided to write the MBA exam. He could understand every thing except for the LOGIC part. One day when he was reading, Rajiv came home.

Rajiv: Zailsinghji How is your MBA preparation?

Banta Singh: Every thing is fine, but I could not understand Logic.

Rajiv: Logic is very easy.

Banta Singh: Can you give me an example, so that I can understand.

Rajiv: OK. Do you have fish pot in your house?

Banta: YES.

Rajiv: Logically, there will be water in it.

Bantal: YES.

Rajiv: Logically, there will be fish in it.

Zail: YES.

Rajiv: Logically, someone will be feeding the fish.

Banta: YES.

Rajiv: I take a guess that your wife will be feeding the fish.

Banta: YES.

Rajiv: so, logically, your are married.

Banta: YES.

Rajiv: So, that means U are a heterosexual.

Banta Singh was very glad and he understood logic. Next day he sees Butasingh and he was 
also preparing for MBA.

Banta: How is your MBA preparation?

Buta: Everything is fine except for the logic.

Banta: Oh, logic is easy.

Buta: Please, give me an example.

Banta: Do you have a fish pot in your house?

Buta: NO, I don't.

Banta Screamed: You bloody HOMO!!!

World Cup Fever..!!

Everywhere World Cup fever was there,
Loud applause only thing you could hear,

India seemed to have a persuasive power,
Sachin made like rain of runs every over,

Joy fills in us when the runs riches all,
Cup is all ours if we perform well overall,

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A new Story!!

I stopped and looked back at him,
That glow of my face had become dim,

He waved his hand at me with a smile,
We'll be walking away now every mile,

That love and care suddenly seemed to fade,
We never knew life even has this dark shade,

The pain may was identical or may not be,
Feeling was different as it wasn't any spree;

I felt an ache in head as things came like volley,
Dual state of mind but pretends to take it easily;

It was the time that we bid each other good bye,
We knew it wont be easy but we had to try,

I walked off thinking about that each day of glory,
then thought but this is the beginning of a new story!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

That Way!!

You do feel tantalize,
Things get complicated
Sometimes even before you realize,

Reality haunting all around,
Then heart crave for ease,
Ears wait to hear just one sound,

You wake next day with a smile,
Everything seems different
Like instant; just in a while,

Love is dainty, if you care,
Just look at it carefully
You just need to be aware.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Even Before You Know It!!

I looked at the clock. The time didn’t seem to move only. The situation was fidgeted.

"Damn!!! Can't sleep" I screamed.

Though I have been thinking about so many things; observed every minute thing of my room; still it was only quarter past eleven in night.The wait really seemed never ending.

Sleeping on the bed I looked at my phone so many times. The wait and the feeling almost made me anxious. It was like someone just enters in your life, becomes really so important and you still wondering about what it is.

Though just friends was just too less to mention; It wasn’t like I was felling in love but I never felt this affinity for anyone ever before. It was different. A different feeling and attachment for what I could not get any answers. The more I tried to be reasonable to myself the more complicated it was getting. Something I can not explain. Suddenly it seemed like my “A Open Book” life had a mystery within. A trap which looks all solved until you really try to solve it.

And a beep made me come back in reality from my wonder thoughts land. I looked at the phone and picked up. I felt an unknown smile gliding across my lips. ‘All questions has answers’ I used to think; well, not anymore.