Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sudden Strange Happening!!

When the wind blows around,
I feel somebody is whispering something..
When even I don’t hear any sound,
I feel somebody is saying something..
I find it strange but find stranger when I hear something inside me..

When I take breath,
I feel a fragrance in the environment..
When even I sleep,
I feel the entire world is revolving around..
I don’t get is someone giving me directions to somewhere…..

When I hold something tight,
I feel the more I am loosing that..
When I dream of anything,
I feel the more that is going away..
I wonder if I am choosing or dreaming of wrong things..

When I try a lot to smile,
I feel the more troubles are coming in my way.
When I sit alone and think,
I feel my mind is more in negativity.
I realize the strange happening but don’t know what and why..