Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dear Indian Politicians.!

Dear Indian Politicians,

I suppose the main element of being a ruler to know what to do & when. Theories suggest your duty is to be a person the society can look up to. Now you see, the point is every now & then we too indulge in some sort of profitable activity which is not ethical. Fine, our leaders made some mistakes, we forgive them. Is that really that hard if we want to see the nation in a good shape?

But if we look at our politicians in parliament, they are incapable of taking even light-hearted banter. They are discussing the matters that hurt nation’s dignity. Time magazine called our Prime minister ‘The Under-achiever’ & all parties are worried about how their party is going to perform or how much profit who has made.

I really think its times that we rise above all of it & really think about what we need to do as nation. Where are the days when people did not even think about their lives before fighting for the nation? Are we so incapable of raising above all these things?

This is not it. We, the taxpayer pay for the luxury you get. We pay for those ‘Lal-batti’ cars you travel in or the special quote u get in Air-lines or railways. Can’t we expect you to be a little dignifies & think about us? Really we do not want you the drag that SC/ST promotion in Lok-sabha, then Rajya-sabha & then again bounce to some other committee. 

You think its makes us proud that we elected are such leaches who drink our own blood. Land scam, Adarsh scam, 2G scam, coal scam, MGNREGA, PSD system, mining scam, KG Basin Oil scam, BBMP Bangalore scam, CWG scam & many more. How many more u need before u realize that you need to “Grow Up” because the day we grow up, u’l loose all ur chances of growing up.

An Annoyed Indian Citizen