Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Passing on the Pride!!

I looked at my boy who was standing in front of me, keeping a bullet in his hand and asking "Dad, why do we fight? Why these wars? This thing is so tiny like a small wedge. Why do we kill people with this?"

I had to answer which my Dad gave me when I asked him the same thing being a kid. 
"We use it to protect our country, not to kill Sonny. What would you do if someone attacks your home?" I asked him the very same question my Dad asked me before answering. 

"I'll vanish them. I'll kill them." He said and looked at me. "Right Dad, I got my answer." He said smartly.
I smiled back and all evaded memories started coming up in my mind. Tough I was not as intelligent as my son is that time.

"Buckle Up Soldiers, march on!!" Major shouted from behind.

His voice normally used to fill even we kids up with courage in normal days, but that day wasn't any same. We were at the playground, holding our toys which used to be toy guns. 
I looked at the parade and then my Dad who was in the front row. They all started marching on.

I looked around and ran to home, waited for my Dad to come. I saw people with big guns in the market today morning and since then was really upset. I was hating my dad, thinking that he kills people and wondering why he does so.
And this was it. This above one conversation I had with him made me proud. So proud that I joined the same force. To protect this country I breathe in. To let the air flow without poison of fear in it. To let those faces be serene when they go to bed in night.

To live for it so that people can also live without any fear in their eyes when they step out of their comfort zone..

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Make A Difference!!

Breaking the silence, that voice seemed like coming from far "What you looking at the wall? What you thinking? What's going on?" I saw his face just in front of mine, staring at me, puzzled.

"No nothing, just like that". I tried to distract him.

"Don't think. Act. Do something for them. Get a life that makes a difference, to the society, to you and people related to you." He sounded different.

"What you talking about?" I wasn't already feeling like discussing anything about it. Why he always understands what is actually upsetting me.

"Don't pretend. I know, the condition of those slum and street kids is still bothering you. Tell me isn't it." He looked deep into my eyes and I couldn't lie. We saw them on the street corner, drinking and smoking, of the slum where we went to do a story for next edition.

"Yeah, what future they have, tell me? What ever they earn or get they use it in illegal things, they take drugs and all. Their parents worked and lived like this and even they not going to do any better." I am a really emotional person. I don't know why these thing trouble me like anything ever since I was a kid. Well. I am not really proud of that.

"Okay, I know that but how is you getting upset going to help them, tell me?" He sounded mature.

I kept quite as I had no words to utter. I looked into horizon and kept looking till a bell rang in my head.

"Why don't we spread awareness among them? We can use our paper and Rosh's NGO for it. What you think?" I had hope in my heart and excitement in my words.

"How?" He looked confused.

"Lets educated them. Lets make them see a brighter future. Make them feel the importance of their existence." I looked at him.

He smiled and nodded in approval. Obviously there was no point of objection. 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Romancing with Life!!

Leaning over the floor, dabbling his hand in the water of the pool and splashing the water over me, he smiled peacefully.

After all the trauma we had been through, after all those things we saw recently, It gave me a really nice feeling as I was always his side when he was going through all those ups and downs.  

Feeling of the warmth of that care and love mixed with small those water drops while looking deep into his eyes, I smiled back slowly without uttering a word, loving the way we were romancing with life.  

May be that is why people say, “In love every act makes impact which seems irritating when u not in love”. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My life Before You!!

Outer surface isn't always the only base to Judge,
One could never see whole world sitting on the Edge..

I knew you but never imagined myself being a part of You,
Distance faded slowly, came closer and I fell deep for you, ..

A sudden Fear creeps in seeing the approaching nightfall,
I want only you around me always as for me it would be all..

Safe I feel my existence when I see it's attached with yours,
Time seems to fly so fast than ever even tough it is hours..

Looking in past I realize sometimes how life turned upside- down,
You were there by my side, treated me like queen without crown..

Just want to say I'll be there with you, no matter what happens,
With every passing second of time, my love for you only deepens!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let Lives Live!!

It was drizzling out and the air was soothing. She looked out with hope to get some peace. Suddenly she felt wetness on her cheeks, she dint even realize when two tears slowly fell down on them. She wanted to cry her heart out but only crying wasn’t going to help her anyhow this time. She had to make a move, a move of change and with her full effort.

The report was about to come out at anytime. A report which was about to decide future of her and her kid which is still to take breathe in this air for the first time. A report, which is supposed to decide destiny of the unborn kid. She could see it almost, demise of her hopes.

“What you looking at? What is there out? Could not you realize the rain drops are coming in the room? See, the carpet near window is all wet.” He closed the doors of window.

She was so lost to even realize her husband has come in the room.

“Aah, Yeah! Nothing, I was just letting the air come in the room.” She sounded like she just woke up.

“Oh! Okay!! What time the doctor is coming, six or so?” He asked unaware of the battle going inside her heart and brain.

“Yeah”! She replied deadly as soon as he left.

‘Is he the same man whom she married just five years back? Can a person change in only this much of time? Do I even know him? If yes, then why does he seem so strange to me now.” She thought with a lump in her throat.

All his words started coming in her head at once.  The whole conversation of last night started playing like a film in front of her eyes.

“Mom does not want a girl child. It has to be a boy this time, you understand?” He almost shouted on her.  

“What If it’s a girl again like last time?” It was her.

“Than same, we’ll get this thing aborted again” he sounded real rude.
“Thing? It’s not a thing. It’s my kid. Be it boy or girl, it’s a part of my existence. How can you say like that?” How cruel can a Father get, she wondered?

“Whatever you say does not really mean anything to anyone. I earn and it’s my house. Now you have to decide what you want. Your husband or this piece of meat?” and he left her in tears.

She did not want this test. She did not want an abortion also of her last baby girl, but she did. She was weak, really weak to protest for this.

But she hoped for good. She wanted it to be a boy this time. She did not want any disputes in family. She looked at the clock. It was almost six in the evening and she heard the door bell. Her heart came in the mouth at once.

“It must be doctor” and she rushed to the door of her room and stood behind it. She dint want anyone to see her or tell her to come there.

She heard whole thing and collapsed there itself.

“Why fate is playing games with me” she dint understand.

“Did you hear what doctor said? We are going to the clinic tomorrow. He’ll arrange everything. It’s again a girl” he sounded cruel.

She dint say anything and closed the door behind him. It was the time. To choose what she thinks is right. She went to bed and cried till she decided what to go with.

She packed her bags and thought of leaving.

To a new life, to take breathe of freedom, to let the baby breathe in the air she wished to. She could see the independence lying ahead with the revival of life.