Friday, July 23, 2010

The distance

Keep the pace steady and slow if you want to concur,
It’s not very hard to figure out how distances occur,
Relations cannot remain the same as they used to,
It can be hard to just cope up and know that how to.

Whole time passes too fast and even the life goes on,
Sometime even if you want to but can’t just stay on,
May be everything is still the same or may it not be,
It is or looks way different so it’s very hard to agree.

Memories of moments spent together keep creeping in,
The person I used to know does no more look like him,
Never thought those fantasies I had will turn out fake,
Never imagined life would be hard and even harder to take.

Those smiles we shared and how tears used to be wiped,
Those small silly but teary fights were never this hyped,
See, how could things change suddenly in just one instant?
Did you even ever think of being so away or this distant?

Take a break from all the busy tiring chores for a while,
Learn to live holding my hands and wear always smile,
Our relation is not made for just remembering old times,
We are meant to be together and write love filled rhymes.