Thursday, June 23, 2011

Silent Words..!

For that one tiny moment I felt I was really gagged. There was a lot to say but it seemed like words got stuck in my throat. How many times I had imagined this converstaion on this particular moment thinking that I was being omitted and left out or almost forgetton. How many nights I spent wetting my pillows, I even lost the count of them. There were  so many questions but no one could answer even one.

I felt a flood of tears coming out but I had to mantain this patient somehow a bit longer. The voice which used to make my world thrill in one instant and I thought was lost; was there again,  standing right there in front of me. 

No questions were asked and no answers given. The moment just passed in the silence with the gaze and everything seemed just so perfect once again. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Love Possible..!

He altered the ego
and made a move,
The sense was divine
He felt a groove,

Lost in memories
Tranquil was the feeling,
He felt heart at ease
Wounds were healing,

He never was so happy
Even sadness could fill a pond,
But now when love happened 
so he was only fond of this bond...!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

And the Usual Stuff..!

"I am so sorry honey that I am again late” This was the 1st thing he could say once he entered home.

“You know what hon; this is not something which is not erratic and now even I am used to it. It’s fine. It hardly affects me now. Any way how was the party? You must have had too much fun that you had forgotten that we had plans?” I was already irritated with this behavior. I mean for how long one can take this over and over.

“No babe, it’s not like that. Let me at least clarify it and give reasoning” and I was all set to hear a new story with so many lies in luminous background. I couldn’t really understand that how much time it would take him to understand that he actually cannot lie to a journalist-to-be as I wouldn’t take any time to find the truth out.

“There was this one bad omen so I could not leave the place early. I had to stay there for longer.” He tried his best to make sense.

I smiled and moved toward kitchen to clean dishes.

“Man, how you always figure out my lies? Hey, you already had food?” He sounded amazed.

“Yeah, I had and now I think I just started knowing you so well.”  How predictable things become I thought.