Friday, February 6, 2009

do i really knw tht wat is love?????

Whenever I take any step far from you I feel the more m falling for u,
Whenever I think not to go close to u I feel ur breathing inside me not u,
Whenever I found me all alone I feel a touch of love from u,
I don’t know what exactly happens and how at all it happens,
But strange I do feel myself more close to you, even closest to u...

Whenever I recall that time we spent together,
Whenever I remember those moments we shared,
Whenever I think about the small fights we had,
Every time some smiling tears roll out on my cheeks,
As they are telling me that missing someone is too bad...

Whenever I take any decision you come in that from no where,
Whenever I think something, I found you in that every where,
Whenever I look around to see if you are near me some where,
But I know somehow I have to manage these things...
Now I feel being or live without you is going to be hard any where....

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