Thursday, March 4, 2010

Those Stops!!

Well i was walking in crowd but still alone.. Me too ws a part of crowd only but still could feel special(god knows what was giving me this being special feel), Thats wat they say is 'Charm' of mumbai.. You are a part of crowd but still special.. Sounds funny but true.. but that day was special i guess because i could feel a bounce in my walk. A bounce which was because of something good.. I left home for office and as usual cought the bus to churchgate. In morning there is a lots of rush everywhere. Everyone to there destination but in hurry as that place will move ahead if they wont catch it soon. Strange, i used to think in starting.. No one cares what u doing, where u going, whta is happening to you and anythning till it doesn't affect there chores.. Well that is the pace here. If you move along you can win otherwise you will loose nothing but you.
Its my habbit to observe everythnig outside when i travel. Its my routine and guess what tough i travel by the same route everyday i find things new. I dont even realize untill i reach to NCPA. but that day i couldn't see my eye catcher. M eye catcher, yeah, a lady with short hair, a bag in her hands, a blanket wrapped around, sitting out the building with blank looks. People see but no one notice. Everyday the same thing, the same place and same look. many times i wanted to go to her and her 'what is wrong' but some one said that i'll reopen her wounds like this.. This day she wasnt there, i found it strange as from last 6 months she was there and a mystry for me.. May be she found some other place or she's no more as her bag and blanket was still lyng there.. God knows..
moved further...
Near chrchgate, in front of Sarvodaya, a general store there is a tree. A small one but a place to live, home for a family. A family of a lady and her two kids. Even they have a small kitchen of a stove and a cooker and may be a plate too. A lot of people, may be thousands paas from there and dont even look nad yaa, why will they?? everyone has more important things to do. A lot more important.
moved further......
A very old lady outside elphinstone road station, sitting side by the fly over, having a basket of fruits and waiting for someone to come and buy somthing atleast so that atleat she can feed her family. Sitting there morning to evening with a hope nad struggling with life in the age of 80-85.. And obviously reaching to office is more important than buyng fruits from her even if they are cheaper than their actual prize.
moved further.....
Coming in the local in evening everyone encounter with a lotz of beggers, kids specially.. They have innocence on face no doubt but have some dreams in heart. People pity them and even sometimes give money. But nothing gonna help them. They will keep doing the same for the rest of their lives. Who's gonna work if they easily get someone's hard earned maney for doing nothning. If don't get much and want more, still hungry or have some pain.. Still no worries, marijuana and drugs gonna work till they get something. After all life teaches everything. No one remembers they had some dreams and desires.
move further....
Almost about to reach home but still have to walk a few meters. A tiny gal with her in her lap, having few balloons and tryng to sell but still have a lots of self esteem nad dignity. Workng hard for making things better..
I was walkng in crowd again but dint feel special.. my walk was slow. just reached home but coudnt be happy as i used to be.. But i cant change anythng. Need to be stronge enough for fight for the rights of needy and deserving.. Sometimes things just happen all of the sudden and turn around ur life or to some another direction.. Mine has..

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