Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Now I've realized that I'm alone,

At first I thought I'm not alone,
All the problems I have I fight it on my own,

I cry with no one care for me,
The world, just look and pass by
Then stop and ask why I cry,

I'm breathing in the air that is filled with evil
The more I breathe it more grows inside me

And nothing I can do since I'm alone,
Now being kind I see is not good,
People turn to hate for the good things you do.

I sleep crying not knowing how will be tomorrow
May be I might smile or continue crying,

Now I have learned how life is all about....
You birth alone to face a life and to struggle,
When you get older you get more foes then friends,
Then your best friends turn to be your great enemies

I know that I am alone,
It is me and I and nobody else,
I will be alone till the death.

1 comment:

  1. you are not alone, u r with you and god is always there....