Saturday, May 30, 2009

In My Memories!!

I still remember the 1st time we met,
When you looked at me 1st time,
when you smiled at me the very 1st time,
Then why everything is so strange now????

I still can recall the time when we talked 1st time,
when your flirt was on its heights,
when finally we became friends after days,
then how did misunderstanding take place????

I still can feel the moment when i saw trust in your eyes,
when you clutched my hands into your,
when you hold me tight in your arms,
then how did this distance raise????

I still can see the dreams we saw together ,
when were making our tiny tiny plans,
when we promised things to do for sure,
then why life become so lonely now????

I still wanna know why you left me in midway,
why did you break those dreams we saw,
why you didn't keep your promises,
tell me why you gone and where you gone????


  1. Very Well Said And Absolutely True !!I Loved your Blog !!

  2. Someones Reply will be :
    I still look to u in the same way as i looked at first sight , its just that i have become more passionate which makes me strange

    I still feel the warmth in your soft spoken voice, I still flirt with u but my ways have become more mature and misunderstandings are part of relationship which makes it strong in harder times,

    I do have the trust in my eyes as i had before, i can still feel the sensuous touch of your when i first hugged you, whenever u see the distance between us, just close your eyes and u can feel me in your arms, the distance is physical and not emotional,

    i haven't left you in midway, i have gone to fulfill my responsibilities , i will return to u with my arms open,just wait for me , the separation will end soon....

    Just wrote some stupid lines but ur writing is great , keep writing :)