Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It Does Works!!

Oh my God, Guess what it actually works. I tried it finally and it actually worked with no failure. 

Oops, sorry, you people must be thinking that what am I talking about. Hey I am talkng about getting relief from tensions and all kind of stress. Its stress buster. So the matter is, from past few days I was so stressed out; well, dipressed kind of... I thought I am totally screwed. I wont get any solution of my problems. Problems were because of my own things like my personal life which became so complicated, tensions were because of my studies on what I was not able to concentrate properly! Everything looked darker then ever around me... Uff.. It was a terrible experience I must say.

so 1 day I decided to spend some time with myself. When I was sitting alone thinking about the things happening around and were quite strange; I suddenly realized that I dint care to get enough time to think about myself lately and might be its been almost a year. Yes, a complete year!! I started evaluating things, my life, my dreams, my ambitions, my works and all. Now when things were in front of me crystal clear then I came to know I've only spoiled everything. My studies were most affected by that. I never thought about that or might be I was too busy in enjoying my life. I always wanted to do something different, something challenging but when the actual time came to decide things I din't care to give importance to it.. I thought 'Yeah, its OK. Let happen whatever is happening. I am anyway a winner'. bullshit... I had to make things happen according to me.

I always believed that 'If its my life then there are supposed to be only my rules'. Thank god there is atleast a thing which I am still following..

Any way I was talking about trowing the tensions away, right?? So I have started settling down my life, setting my goals again and its giving me extreame happiness.. I am actully enjoying it..

Being a person u always loved to be, being a person who is so special for you, being a person who will never leave u and who is all yours. Well, in short being urself is the best thing I have ever felt or discovered. Didn't you?


  1. Wheeew , It was as if i was reading my thoughts , as u say in ur Profile , life should be lived simply , why complicate it with unnecessary rubbish

  2. ha haha haahha ha
    I can only laugh!

    It seems that during that time u was completely screwed.

    Well happens kabhi kabhi..