Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Somethings Sometimes!!

Cheerful faces and handful of happiness,
Even calling that bliss would be less;

A small life was lying there quite in my arms; it is my only life I felt that time. I looked at my husband; saw him standing there near the door with wet eyes. What a feeling. A life came on earth through me.

I looked at my dad, saw him smiling with tears. I smiled at him and he whispered “now you would realize that I wasn’t abrasive, it was my concern for this small piece of life which to die for.”

My husband approached and bounded us both in his strong arms; “I thought I almost lost you today. How could I bear such a huge loss? Thanks god for everything” and I felt drenched with emotions and tears.

I felt so happy that my operation made my atheist husband believe in God.

A small life brought ever shining smiles and charms to our lives.


  1. Sweet! Stories of birth are so heart warming.

  2. Sheilagh Lee said: lovely and heartwarming!Love thast the dad commentedthat she would see he wasn't abrasive now and that the only thing the husband cared about was that he hadn't lost her.

  3. Beautiful piece Lalita..I could feel the calm and relief knowing everybody was safe..Jae

  4. Beautiful, just beautiful.
    But just a thought, is it true, I mean, personal experience, it had a feel.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. This is beautiful.. you narrated it so well..

  6. Yes!... as small lives are wont to do.

  7. Well narrated...touching in every line!

  8. Beautiful piece Lalita! You can feel the love radiating in the room. Well done.

  9. Thanks Everyone!!
    @Anshul:- No, its nt real bt I wouldn't mind if it happens to me in future!! :D

    Thanks a lot for visiting!!

  10. Wonderful use of the words. Thank you for making me smile :)

  11. emotive and beautiful piece of writing .... peace, JP/deborah