Monday, October 17, 2011

I assure..!!

If loneliness hits your heart,

Or things seem to fall apart,

If darkness creeps in 

Or if you feel low,

Closing you eyes, 

Why don't just go with the flow..!

If smiles would fade in,

Or light around might seem dim,

I assure you, I'll be there,

Just by your side,

No matter if life takes a turn,

Or if you choose to take stride..!!

If times seem unfair,

Or look around in despair,

If essence changes,

Or Feelings fade out,

Even if love disappears,

I'll surround you if you feel left out..!!!

If someday you breach,

and I am out of reach,

if gentle thoughts ember,

and life seem out of place,

Nothing being tentative, I'll come,

Making sure that my sound give you solace..!!


  1. Loving and comforting words Lalita.

  2. Lalita this is so beautiful and touching.

  3. touching words. what a great poem on love and friendship. :)

  4. love this, profound word flow.


  5. I should say it is soul touching poem. Never stop writing..