Saturday, October 9, 2010

We:- The fairer sex!!!!

We women, the most delicate thing ever created by God. Who has too much of patience but ever more to tolerate. Who always has to bear the burden, always affected by lives of her father, husband and than son. No matter how much pain she is carrying in her big but soft heart she has to keep everyone happy around. No matter how many times she wet her pillow with tears she has to put smiles on everyone's face. No matter how much she is starving, she has to provide food to all.

She only starves of love and care. Her heart craves for affection and loyalty. Who really cares what she goes through everyday keeping her chores in the right motion. She is not supposed to expect the love and care she spreads. She is not bound to think that she will get the same security and stability she puts in every relation. She should never ask why am i supposed to accept everything with joy even if it chops my heart in like thousand pieces. She is not supposed to fight for her own and if she does she is being unfair to womanhood. Till when but!!!! Some one has to speak it out.

Well, okk.. There is no special reason for writing this blog. I just felt like When god has given women the power of move the world forward by carrying a new life in her womb, why is she not given a authority and priority. Everyone knows she is important, why dint she get the feel then. But Why???

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