Friday, October 15, 2010

Moving through the Storm!!

It wasn’t so easy for me to live on that land of lies where once I built the house of my dreams.

I really never thought of being away even for a day from the Person who took my breaths away and gave a meaning to my life, a person, whom I considered my soul mate.

All those talks, chats, drive, dinners, walks, smiles, night outs, dances and I don’t know how many things more seemed meaningless and this news came like an earthquake in my life that destroyed all my hopes. I felt like all my feelings got ridiculed. With no matter on being loved I thought of just being quite and let it all go with the flow of my tears.

Yes, I did. I did cry and tears dint even want to stop. He did something too. He cheated on me or may be he just slipped off his loyalty. But I felt cheated. Who wouldn’t? Everyone would. Am I just overreacting or what I am thinking is true? Could he? Dint the thought of all the years we spent together crept in his mind once? Or he just ignored it for the sake of a night? Was she pretty? Or was she a whore?? Did she make a move or what if he did??

Thoughts made me restless. The more I thought even more I got stuck. I was devastated. Life seemed all blank. But I had to make my mind. I had to put a stop, well, at least somewhere. Felt like someone whispered in my ear, “let it go. Loosen your grip, just let it go”.

This was it. I did it again. I proved myself strong. And I decided to move on. To walk on a new way with no one beside. Just me with my new hopes.

Tough it broke me from inside and moved my world upside down; I absolved him without even making a Hiss after all who wants to get their feelings ridiculed. Not me at the least.

From Three words Wednesday


  1. I like the strength of character in this.

  2. nicely done
    liked the post...
    From my experience I've learned that once a cheater,always a cheater.

    take care n have a nice day

  3. strong ending. These, however, were last weeks words. Just so you know.

  4. Oh these were last week's prompts... ;-)

    but you did justice to the prompts Lalita! ;-)