Wednesday, January 5, 2011

That Very Your Luck Effect!!!

Hahahahahahahahahaha Ooh God!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!

All right!! I am not sick, even not at all sick. Well, I might sound happy but I am not. I mean it’s nothing like that. It’s just a friend of mine just got a job because she was sick of sitting at home and giving exam over and over to get in some where for further studies from past one and half year. When they say heights of bad luck, I really can believe it now.

Okay! So what happened was she left home happily on the first day of her very first job, wearing really sexy heels and a decent outfit abut the karma started showing its effects.

How would you feel if on the first day of your job you don’t get a cab for half an hour and then some riche rich handsome guy comes and gives you lift? Well, it really happened, she din't get a cab and the riche rich guy came, but instead of giving her lift, his car splashed mud almost all over her outfit with its sexy smooth tiers, leaving her tainted and she couldn’t do anything except shouting from behind.

That mud she removed with the water bottle she was carrying but this wasn’t it. The fate had something else stored for her. She walked down on the street in search for a cab and the fate again showed its charm. Because of a hole in the poorly maintained road from BMC (Bombay Municipal Corporation); her heels got stuck and broke because of her great effort. This was it. She lost the patience left in her and shouted “Taxiiiiii” and a cab really came for rescue. Thank god!!

She reached station and paid the cab driver from the money she kept in her pocket for convenience so she wouldn’t have to search for wallet if she is in hurry. Smart, isn’t she.

She rushed to ticket counter only to find that she has forgotten her wallet at home in hurry and is left with only 5 bucks which is not even enough to reach office, forget about coming back. As we all know, forgetting wallet means neither cash nor cards. She looked around for some help.

People were rushing to their destinations without even caring about anyone, all blind. Well, that is what Mumbai is all about. No one cares about your existence or problems and yes, it was quite plausible in the fast paced life.  She was there; standing still, left wondering how this all shit can happen in just one day with her. She had no option but to walk back home which meant complete one hour walking under the sun.

Well, she called me almost every time to ask what should be done now, but alas, these corporate meetings sometimes take ages to finish so could not pick up. Its not something I did willingly. But she wasn't willing to understand. Any way, is there still any need to say that I didn’t hear her voice for next complete One Week? 


  1. Your poor friend - I hope she went back and the next day everything worked well for her..Jae :)

  2. Aw. She certainly has my sympathy, and I hope things were better the next day and that she still had a job.

  3. That's a great shame. hope she gets over it.

  4. She still has the Job!! Thank God, she manage to make the manager understand!! :) Thanks for visiting!!

  5. Misery, loves company.
    But she still has the job, thats what matters. Setbacks can be forgotten. Maybe the next time, the richie rich boy really gives her a lift.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. Lol Anshul, I really wish it happens!! :)

  7. What a day! I hope she reads this then maybe she might see the funny side :o)

  8. No Deborah, she would kill me!! Lol.. Thank God, she cant read my blog as she finds reading blogs wasting of time!! :D

  9. I like the way you used the words in the true story .I hope everything works out wonderful for your friend she's due for some good luck.

  10. Certainly Murphy's Law at work here.

  11. Well... you never know. It could be the good luck/bad luck situation. You know the story.

    A farmer has a horse. The horse runs away. Oh, bad luck!
    No--the horse came back, bringing another with it. Oh, good luck!
    No--the farmer's son rode the new horse but was thrown and broke his leg. Oh, bad luck!
    No--the army came through the next day and drafted all the able young men into service, but they left the boy with the broken leg.

    Glad to hear her boss is understanding. She probably has set up a better routine by now.