Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Passing on the Pride!!

I looked at my boy who was standing in front of me, keeping a bullet in his hand and asking "Dad, why do we fight? Why these wars? This thing is so tiny like a small wedge. Why do we kill people with this?"

I had to answer which my Dad gave me when I asked him the same thing being a kid. 
"We use it to protect our country, not to kill Sonny. What would you do if someone attacks your home?" I asked him the very same question my Dad asked me before answering. 

"I'll vanish them. I'll kill them." He said and looked at me. "Right Dad, I got my answer." He said smartly.
I smiled back and all evaded memories started coming up in my mind. Tough I was not as intelligent as my son is that time.

"Buckle Up Soldiers, march on!!" Major shouted from behind.

His voice normally used to fill even we kids up with courage in normal days, but that day wasn't any same. We were at the playground, holding our toys which used to be toy guns. 
I looked at the parade and then my Dad who was in the front row. They all started marching on.

I looked around and ran to home, waited for my Dad to come. I saw people with big guns in the market today morning and since then was really upset. I was hating my dad, thinking that he kills people and wondering why he does so.
And this was it. This above one conversation I had with him made me proud. So proud that I joined the same force. To protect this country I breathe in. To let the air flow without poison of fear in it. To let those faces be serene when they go to bed in night.

To live for it so that people can also live without any fear in their eyes when they step out of their comfort zone..


  1. a son and a father passing it down... peace is an elusive concept here on earth.. a beautiful story told with much sensitivity...

  2. Delicate thoughts and sensitive moments.

  3. Very emotive piece Lalita..nicely shown through the boy's eyes..Happy New Year to you too..Jae

  4. It is an honourable profession, a great service to the motherland and to the people.
    Great story write up. Delicate thoughts.

    Blasphemous Aesthete