Saturday, January 3, 2009

life is tough..

its my first post in my blog so do not exactly know what and how to write... when i was a kid i used to think that life is too easy.. its just as it seems to be.. but when i grew up i came to know the bitter truths of it. its really not like as it seems to be. its very tough and hard to survive without your dear and near ones.. when i was in school i got best pals of my life.. they were just like my family to me. but with the increase in my age the dark side of the life appeared in front of me. i lost my most loved aunty. it was the worst day of my life during school days. i dont remember any other bad experience of mine during those days. then i came to college, i met people, we came close then closer and finally became friends and you know what, got ditched.. sometimes i think the word Friend is completly fake but yeah i know thats not that true... there are a few ones who think about us, care for us and love us.. we can consider them as a reason. A reason of our survival. They are not fake, their care is not fake.
we really need good people to live with, to trust and to share urself. but we should be careful before making friends.


  1. It's nice and sweet, not looking like first post keep going on

  2. true!!!! even I thought life is easy but i came to knw the complications of it now .... but yes if life gives you a kickback, get up once again and move further .. one day it will be all yours .. keep writing:)

  3. tats part and parcel of life, u learn by knowing hard facts of life , by facing different kind of ppl , but in the end move on towards betterment of urself....where u find fun, where u find happiness :)