Wednesday, January 7, 2009

some moments

Moments or better to say few memorable moments mean a lot to everyone, yeah????... they make our life pricious.. make us smile or sometime cry.. make us happy or sometime left us sad.. then also we used to recall moments..
when i was in school i used to recall my moments of childhood, i was in hostel i used to miss my days i spent at home doin things or pranks my mom dad never liked as they used to tell me to grow up, now when i am in college i used to think about the time when i was in school where i spent time wid frens in hostel, bunked classes, stole things from hostel mess, did pranks mostly after midnight(thats why i got a compliment that whenevr i smile it seems like my mind is too busy in making some plans.. he he...)n a lot and sometimes break into tears... now when i am going to complete my college and we will be too much busy in settel down our lives and things we gonna miss it...
why its too hard to keep everything as the way its goin on or as the way its happening...?????
why we always have to move on and leave everything behind....????
why always we realize things after everything is done and nothing is left...????
Isnt it stange we dont give priority to things what we have and always run behind things....?????
well i dont think anyone have answers of these questions or might be everybody think so too... might be a lots of people are searching for d answers too...
People dont have time to think about things which are not generally known, once they get some time to think i think we will get answers of all queries...

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