Wednesday, January 28, 2009

love is pain?????

is there anything called true love????? people say they love someone truly but when somebody ask them that do they even think about being together they stare u like u've asked them that have they seen god recently..... different people different views but the main thing is that u have to care about ur loved ones, u have to think that hw they feel about you.. in my views love is that in which the happiness of another person is essential to ur own. love is always bestowed as a gift- freely, willingly and without expectations. we dont love to be loved, we just love to love but we dont love to gt hurt always. some people say if u cant cry for someone u cant love someone n i feel somehow its a bitter truth. u cant stop urself by cryng for someone, caring for someone... thts why love is completely helpless.. expressing urself to someone is such a tough job because u dont know how the other person will take it, hw he\she will react, will he\she make fun of ur feelngs and blah blah but after tellng ur feelngs u feel free..
If somebody can not respect you he\she cant love you. if someone love you he\she will not want you to change urself. u will not have to do some kind of compromise, specially those which put effect on ur values.. he\she will love u as the way u are.. and yup its the most lovely thing on the earth if u have someone who thinks abt u, cares abt u and most of the all love u TRUELY...

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  1. lf u love someone and u wanna get this so u should be ready to get pain also..kyonki pyar mein kabhi kabhi dard bhi hota hai..---I think love is not to forcibly make some one to love you but to love someone who loves u & is ready to build relation of love by owns wish :)