Monday, January 19, 2009

trust urself...

well there are very few times when we even hate ourselves for taking some wrong dicesions but we always just love the way we are. some times in life we have to face a lots of problem to know the reality of life better.. so the best way to come out of all the stress is to trust urself. just think whwtevr u do is best then only we will never dare to let urself down and will do definitly best. never do compromise with your values and principles for anyone who even do not care for u,.. i know we people have to do compro with a lotz of thinks, in lotz of matters but when the question of self esteem comes, when the matter of values come doing compro is not a good idea... Remember one thing the person who likes u, a person who loves u he\she always admires u for what u r, not for what u r trying to be... so do always believe and trust urself if u want others to respect you. be calm and humble bt never make urself too much flexible that anybody can bent u as they want.. that is it..

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