Sunday, November 7, 2010

Living That Scare!!!

"Mommy!!!" I shouted my throat out till the time my Mom reached my room. Its not that I live in some 4 floor big house but still it took her whole five minutes to travel in our 3 BHK flat.. 

"What the hell on the earth is wrong with you that made to shout like this at past 3 midnight?? What is the matter?" She was really annoyed as I disturbed her deep nap. I couldn't believe my Dad was still snoring like nothing happened. 

I really felt very bad for her. She must be very tired after all household chores she has been doing all day. But I couldn't help as I got really scared.

"I felt it. I felt it so close. I felt like it was on me. Walking or I don't know what. But its was there." My voice was trembling when I said.

"What are you talking about beta?? Who??" She asked while scanning my room, each corner. She was really confused what I was talking about.

Me, poor thing. No one can understand what I was going through.

"That thing, that thing mom which I was telling you all in the morning". I uttered. 

"Nothing Beta, you better go to sleep. Its nothing. See, there is absolutely nothing". She said and left the room.

I sat on my bed looking all around. Where it must be? How come no one can see it but me. I felt like crying. I was tortured like never before now.

It left all its signs everywhere like my book shelf, my cupboard, my study, almost everywhere. I saw it. I felt it all around. I feel it's the existence near me then why no one else does.

This wasn't the first time. I was feeling it from last so many days. I saw it. I lived it. It goes all over me nights leaving me in a fear I live whole night. I feel a fear when I switch my light off while going to bed in night. I get scared while opening my drawer for taking my things out. I had already emptied my cupboard from the fear that what if someday I open it and that comes straight on me and kept all my clothes in my Huge Suitcase which I had back in Hostel.  I couldn't help it.

One day I came back home after having such a long day at work to see my whole room like a mess. Actually My Mom spied about "What-that-thing-would-be-which-scares-me..". I needed a bed but ended up on sofa.

This was it. I thought of getting rid of it anyhow. I need to be brave enough to live this scare now. I need to live freely.

And end of it was really amazing. I was going through the e-TOI while having a coffee and there it was looking into my eyes. I saw it again but couldn't hold my gaze for longer. 

I dint shout but whispered.

"Mom, come here fast".. I really felt relieved when She really heard me. 

She came and froze on the door itself. She also saw it. She looked at me and then the curtain.

There that was, swinging on the curtain. Free from all world thinking that it is really safe there.

 A big fat Rat. We found it finally then getting rid wasn't really hard.   


  1. A rat on a curtain would be a very scarey sight! Interesting story!

  2. Ohh a rat gosh.
    When it started a rodent(possibly a rat) crept in my mind.
    But as the narrative progressed I actually started imagining ghosts.
    Thankfully it was a rat,but nothing less scary though.


  3. i thought it will be a lizard...

  4. I had a good laugh at the end. A good build-up and the sudden unmasking of the root of your fear at the end. It held my interest completely.Well written. :-)