Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Changes Unexpected!!

He shouted abruptly “No, not anymore, I am really much done. I can’t handle your drama now. I am tired of giving explanations to you over and over. Something is stuck in your mind so you can’t think anything else now.”

And he kept saying but I hang up and the phone. I could not hear anymore as I broke into tears.

He would not understand. Being a guy he won’t understand how much it hurts. I was amazed as he also knew what he meant for me. Like a Kernel he had become for me lately. My whole life started revolving around him only. He was like essence of my life, much needed and even important than my own existence.

Words hurt more than the acts. Couldn’t he be more decent or polite a bit? How hurt I was, couldn’t he imagine. He shouted on me in front of people who don’t even know me. Where was my fault? Was it loving him a lot or caring for him??

The thing he used to feel even in absence now seem drama to him. My emotions now seem over reaction to him. My concern seem over possessiveness to him. Yes!! I couldn't wield my heart and I can not ever.

I could not understand where the charm we were loosing or where the warmth flied. His whole world used to be between my arms. He used to forget his all work pressure or tension with me.

Where are we moving to?? My sad heart really craved for ease.

From 3WW:-

From Three words Wednesday


  1. Break ups are always hard--especially when one party doesn't understand or can't see what has changed. And, I agree, there's no reason to be rude. :-)

    Happy 3WW :-)

  2. This hit home for me. Very well written


  3. Like the old song says, "Breaking up is hard to do" and you capture that really well especially in your first paragraph.

  4. You certainly feel the emotions in this piece.

  5. Thanks People :)

    Well, its just an imagination with a pinch of reality.. !! :)

  6. I am so happpy to know it's imagination..well written..

  7. "My whole life started revolving around him only." - Lots of us make this mistake, glad this was fiction!

  8. Very touching...nicely written... :)

  9. The prompt words have been well used :)