Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Ride Unforgettable!!!

Recently I happened to have a ride on slow Mumbai local train after such a long time. I don’t have to travel much as my work place is hardly 20 minutes ride from my home so cab and the bus are the easiest ways to travel. Yes, the place where I used to work before or I better say where I worked for not more than 3 months was a bit far from my place. But again my directions were different so there was no much of crowd in the trains. Well, being a kid of Indian Navy Personnel we are actually destined to live in one of the most posh and well maintained areas of Mumbai, South Mumbai.

Well, okay!!! That’s not what this post is about. So I happened to have an exam this Saturday and unfortunately the center was in Western Suburbs of Mumbai. For them who don’t know what they are, let me tell you. The most crowded places with people and traffic plus most polluted areas which are situated on the western line of Mumbai are called western suburbs. Even tough it was a very Sunny Saturday afternoon the train became too full to travel.

Well, I got the train from Church gate which happens to be the place from where the trains start, so was all empty. I boarded it with no hassle as I reached there in advance.

The journey was really amazing and the weather became so pleasant so I was actually enjoying the ride as the cold breeze was playing with my hairs my face with its soothing touch. That time I never knew that this journey which am enjoying so much right now is going to leave a remembrance on my mind for whole life.

Okay!! So what happened was after like 3-4 stations we crossed the train became so crowded tough it was only ladies compartment!! I thought of standing of the gate as it was really suffocating inside. Suddenly I heard a sound which was really loud. I really thought that someone might want to shuffle their places so they are arguing upon that. I turned around to see what’s going on and I saw two ladies shouting at each other on top of their voices.      

1st lady “what the hell on earth you think you are? How dared you to push me, bitch. What if I would have fallen?”

I literally stared at her face. She was sitting on a seat comfortably. I looked around at the people standing and of course they must be getting more pushes from around but still quite.

“Even tough she would have fallen, where would she fall? Not off the train for sure.” I wondered.

2nd lady “what do you expect me to do in this so much crowded train? If you don’t want to be pushed, why don’t you come by your own vehicle, bloody whore?”

1st lady “yes, why you would not know? You some pander or what?”

This was it and the conversation started in their local languages which end up with them pulling each other’s hair like anything and shouting without caring about people around.

I really could not understand what they were talking but first time in my life I saw this kind of face of people who call themselves urban.

“Why are we becoming so impatient and intolerant?” I thought and got no answer. 


  1. How different from a winters-day bus trip in the UK! Thank you for showing us..Jae

  2. You really write well, Lalita.. very smooth..and interesting and right use of prompts.. well done..

  3. A whole story out of three words! And a pun too!

  4. Very well said blogging friends...

  5. So, I'll probably contribute to polution in my own vehicle until they make it affordably environmentally safe and avoid the old ladies :)

    Wow. Take a train indeed.

    A lovely excerpt.


  6. Yeah!! Its weird but sometimes you encounter illiterate literates!! thanks for Visiting!!