Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lost Treasure Revived!!

"Happy Birth Day" Everyone shouted as soon I entered in the lobby. I really got scared as I wasn't really expecting this. Real Happiness I felt that day after such a long time. Tough I was in bad mood, I could not recollect why I was feeling bad before. Their gesture made me feel special. 

Suddenly I felt a warm hand on my back. I turned around and froze. Oh!! So Surprise wasn't over. Someone whom I haven't seen in like ages were in front of me with their those special smiles on faces which always helped me in tough times. 

My reason of smiles and my support in all times were there, immediate next to me. I was still froze, not knowing what to say I broke into tears. 

"Stop Crying you fool, You don't have enough energy. You have turned old now." and we all laughed out loud. Jai always had his humour.  Tough I could not hold all of them in my arms, I hugged them. I felt cared and loved.

They travelled so far just to make it for me. I really felt all alone all these years. 

"God!! I love you, Guys!! I missed you all so much. I hope it isn't a dream." I whispered and there it was. Again, my eyes seemed like waterfall again. 

"Ok. We all know how much you can cry so don't prove. and Sweetheart, we are starving so I hope you treating us unlike college." and we laughed again. 

I missed them. I missed those moments. I missed those mischiefs. I missed every moment of my life. How many times I craved to relive them. How many times I prayed to god to give me one more chance last time. 

But today I was happy, really happy!!!

I looked at the window and saw my husband smiling at me. He looked happy, more than me.

He moved towards me and clutched my hand into his "I was really longing to see you happy like this since ages. I thought you lost your smile only being busy in us. I am really sorry that even I also forgot that You also have a life without us too".

I looked at my love and hugged. "I love you" he whispered and I felt complete.

"I love you too, after all you have given me all memories to treasure my whole life" I thought.

May be this is something Good relationships are like, To be able to express what comes into your head, and know it will be understood as you meant it. To be more yourself bcz all of U is able to love in a way the other responds to..

From 3WW:-

From Three words Wednesday



  1. What a heart warming use of the prompts..I am glad she found some treasure..Jae

  2. You have put all the essence in these words alone.. " and know it will be understood as you meant it." .. how beautiful and comfortable the life would always be.. Thanks for a beautiful write..

  3. I love the simple truth that this holds, that there is love and that it is a treasure.

  4. Beautifully said, a lovely use of the prompt words.

  5. When I read this I remembered how much am missing my gang right now.
    It feels so good that there are people who have
    the power to make you feel special.
    Thanks for making me feel so Lalita.


  6. Ti's so sweet to reminisce those treasures of wonderful memories...:-)

  7. To be able to express what comes into your head, and know it will be understood as you meant it.

    i lyk this line ....i follow this policy and till now its successful :)

  8. I always love a sweet tale with a happy ending!

  9. So lovely...
    Old friends and loved ones...I miss them so much.. :)

  10. A well written piece. Warm and straight to the heart. I loved it.

  11. So sweet. It's hard to gather all the people you love in one place. Your story brought back some sweet memories for me. Thanks!

  12. Get togethers - especially those that are surprises - fill the heart and soul with so much love....