Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lost in You!!!

I wondered, what I did so God gave you to me,
I am blessed, no one can replace you, be it any!!

I am really happy, even more I am delighted.
It’s always only you, with whom my life lighted!!

You are my real charm and the sun shine,
Just keep your hands clutched into mine!!

Be yourself always, you don’t have to pretend,
I am with you every turn or be it every end!!

It seems like time has just passed in an instant,
I was really alone before and life was all vacant!!

It feels complete now, I have no desires,
I have everything for what one only aspires!!

From 3WW:-

From Three words Wednesday


  1. What a warm and optimistic piece..Jae

  2. Clutch it tight.. happily and delightfully.. sheer bliss...

  3. lovely rhyme to this ! sweet :)

  4. Oh, so happy! Even the punctuation feels poetically complete here.


    Read my 3ww here.

  5. I can feel the love, the happiness.

  6. Good for you; keep it this way. :)

  7. you bring back some really cherished memories to mind :)

  8. This expresses real love that allows others to be themselves!