Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A new Story!!

I stopped and looked back at him,
That glow of my face had become dim,

He waved his hand at me with a smile,
We'll be walking away now every mile,

That love and care suddenly seemed to fade,
We never knew life even has this dark shade,

The pain may was identical or may not be,
Feeling was different as it wasn't any spree;

I felt an ache in head as things came like volley,
Dual state of mind but pretends to take it easily;

It was the time that we bid each other good bye,
We knew it wont be easy but we had to try,

I walked off thinking about that each day of glory,
then thought but this is the beginning of a new story!!


  1. Breaking up is hard to do but secretly there is possibly a feeling of exhilaration and freedom too.

  2. Sheilagh Lee said: Ilove the take on it at the end that now the beginning of a new story.Wonderful poetry

  3. Sometimes right on the edge of darkness is the edge of light! Interesting story!

  4. Great ending - the end of each chapter leads to another..Jae ;)

  5. True, its the beginning of a new story, when new people will make their way in.
    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. Indeed a new beginning..and that's how it needs to be.. happier always welcome..

    Do visit my page..your feedback would be encouraging..

  7. Each day is a new beginning. I'm glad she's embracing hers.

  8. How synchronous! I used varying font sizes too, and I have never done so before. Eerie!
    Here's mine:

  9. One door closes as one door opens..... do we choose to stay or go?

  10. love never fades, whatever new turn we take in, it will cling on deep and will hurt deep. but yeah we always move on and live on...nice one there lalitha