Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Even Before You Know It!!

I looked at the clock. The time didn’t seem to move only. The situation was fidgeted.

"Damn!!! Can't sleep" I screamed.

Though I have been thinking about so many things; observed every minute thing of my room; still it was only quarter past eleven in night.The wait really seemed never ending.

Sleeping on the bed I looked at my phone so many times. The wait and the feeling almost made me anxious. It was like someone just enters in your life, becomes really so important and you still wondering about what it is.

Though just friends was just too less to mention; It wasn’t like I was felling in love but I never felt this affinity for anyone ever before. It was different. A different feeling and attachment for what I could not get any answers. The more I tried to be reasonable to myself the more complicated it was getting. Something I can not explain. Suddenly it seemed like my “A Open Book” life had a mystery within. A trap which looks all solved until you really try to solve it.

And a beep made me come back in reality from my wonder thoughts land. I looked at the phone and picked up. I felt an unknown smile gliding across my lips. ‘All questions has answers’ I used to think; well, not anymore.


  1. Ah, such desire and anticipation..certainly does make you fidget..Jae :)

  2. Hehe... This incident did bring smile across my face too :)
    Person falling in love or deep friendship always experiences such feelings :)

  3. Love moves through my days, in mysterious ways


    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. A pleasure to read, a lovely story :o)

  5. Sheilagh Lee said: A lovely beginning to a relationship.

  6. Nice..... I hope you find out soon.. what it is about!!! :)

  7. very interesting post. Thank you for sharing.