Thursday, May 12, 2011

And I Was Moved..!!

I really thought that I can't handle it,
I won't and couldn't ever get over it..!!

Tough I managed to escape a phase,
But then had stepped into forbidden place..!!

knowing inside that what could happen,
What If the feelings would get sharpen..!!

Still I stayed back, liveed  in dream and hope,
Things would get fine so stayed, can't elope..!!

Wondered why did ever thought it would last long,
He brandished that paper in Court, still I stood strong..!!

Realized  how could a paper and pen write your destiny,
Everything becomes important, then doesn't matter how tiny.!! 


  1. This is a powerful and emotive piece Lalita. It could be very good indeed with a little work. I am a little concerned with your use of 'elope' which means run away and marry someone but I get the impression the girl is already tied or promised to someone else. Have I read this right?

  2. Hello Lalita, I have commented once but that got lost! This is strong and emotive piece that needs a little extra work. I hope it isn't too personal. You have used the word elope which means running away to marry but isn't she already in a relationship?

  3. beautiful...seriously u must have gone through tougher phases to write so emotional:)

  4. amazing the power we put upon a piece of paper.
    you will survive and then some.