Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Things what create history..!!

"She is so graceful, so pretty. Isn't she?" Eli whispered in my ear slowly.

"Yeah man; she is just wonderful". I really envied her. 

In the long white gown she was really looking like a goddess. There was only a thin gap between them two. What a feeling it must be. Happiness and jitters; all mixed. The fear of the big responsibilities and the smile of being with someone she always had loved.

What a great show at a great place with greatest people of the world.

Though there were some streaming problems but still YouTube had done a great job for the broadcasting of Royal Wedding and that too watching it in the official hours, it really felt like we were having a leisure time witnessing the great wedding of the century which is going to create a history.


  1. Yes, yes, it really was a delight to watch. They both looked so in love. I hope they have many years of happiness together.

  2. it was delightful.My daughters and SIL and hubby and I all watched and enjoyed it.iloved the way you presented it. You have a wonderful way with words.

  3. A great and beautiful spectacle yes. History is however is written by the victors, there is much swept under the carpet that may never see the light of day!