Wednesday, May 25, 2011


His Jumbled thoughts led her away,
He couldn't even dare to ask her stay…!!

Truth was naked and she was gone,
Holding her heart like a hard stone..!!

His grin showed as he didn’t care,
What went wrong no one was aware..!!

They always seemed like connected souls,
Now everything appeared under some fouls..!!

The love used to seem like on cloud nine,
Why it changed when everything was so fine?

I wondered why path of honesty was so greasy,
If this loving and then moving on was so easy..!!


  1. To some people loving and leaving does look easy. great poem

  2. It takes all sorts and how often are first loves lasting? Move on, fight the tears of disappointment and relish in your freedom for little while before the next battle!

  3. Cloud Nine...the best of the clouds!

  4. Truth of it all resonates ... great pen!!