Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What Defines What!!

The cold breeze and that first drizzle in Mumbai. That green view out of damp balcony and the cup of coffee. The air playing with your hair and the drops kissing the forehead. Skidding kids with those tiny boats in water and laughter. What else you can ask for a perfect Saturday morning. I looked at the window and thought of painting my thoughts on the canvas.

As soon as a gathered my thoughts to create my new masterpiece; a communication of few years back crept in my mind. The weather, city, and cup of coffee, drizzle everything was just same but I wasn't.
A 21 year old very next door girl for whom life was easy, who was still in the dream land and in her own small comfort zone.

"Hey, see the new story I have written and see the poem too. Tell me how does it sound?" It was me asking my best friend, for his opinion which was needed in every tiny thing I did.

"Put it on the table, I'll see once I get some free time." As usual there was lack of time.

"See now no please. Just see it once; I really need to post it today." Giving up comes really hard to you sometimes.

"Ok." listening it was a pleasure.

"Fine they are." A cold response he gave me after a good 10 minutes of scrolling up and down on the screen.

"Okay. Hey, you know what I was thinking to make my career in Advertising and creative communication. I am planning to pursue this course. What do you think?" I gave him the form of the college. This was much needed, support and guidance.

"I don't know about doing the course and all but you are not creative than why to do that?" He looked at me as if it was really hard for him to believe this.

"Am I not? But it’s you only who say that I am. Any ways, than what creativity really is?" I was not incensed but really surprised.

"Yeah, I mean you can write things, make things up but not creative. It’s like you do nothing creative. Creative people are different. They are always busy doing something creative and do new things." and he went into his work again.

I stood there, keeping that form of the Advertising Institute in hand, looking at him in amusement. It’s not that I don't agree that people keep doing creative stuff but after working for 9 hours towards survival and 3 hours of travelling in pollution, what does he expect me to do. How do I make him understand that creativity needs a space, its own space to breathe and the important thing how do you define it.

For me it comes in the way you talk, you smile, you make someone happy, the special you make someone feel, the pinch of every small surprise you give, a single note or line, everything which is unique in itself is creative.

What do you think?


  1. I think that this person is trying to control you.And it says something that he wanted you to read his stuff .He must think you have what it takes to do that so why does he say you have no creativity? Sometimes when you are young you can't see them for what they are really trying to do. Sometimes it as simple as they don't want you to change but everyone changes and grows If they really care about you they support you .As for being creative that's what writing is creativity let loose the muse. I agree with you creativity is everything you said.

  2. I agree with your last paragraph, wholeheartedly !

  3. Clearly constructive criticism was not his style. The secret is to find something good to say about a piece and gently introduce possible improvements and to tease out alternatives from the writer of how the work could be improved. You have given your readers much food for thought.

  4. Thank you so much for your personal story, it was beautifully written. I completely disagree you are very creative =) Good luck to you