Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let Lives Live!!

It was drizzling out and the air was soothing. She looked out with hope to get some peace. Suddenly she felt wetness on her cheeks, she dint even realize when two tears slowly fell down on them. She wanted to cry her heart out but only crying wasn’t going to help her anyhow this time. She had to make a move, a move of change and with her full effort.

The report was about to come out at anytime. A report which was about to decide future of her and her kid which is still to take breathe in this air for the first time. A report, which is supposed to decide destiny of the unborn kid. She could see it almost, demise of her hopes.

“What you looking at? What is there out? Could not you realize the rain drops are coming in the room? See, the carpet near window is all wet.” He closed the doors of window.

She was so lost to even realize her husband has come in the room.

“Aah, Yeah! Nothing, I was just letting the air come in the room.” She sounded like she just woke up.

“Oh! Okay!! What time the doctor is coming, six or so?” He asked unaware of the battle going inside her heart and brain.

“Yeah”! She replied deadly as soon as he left.

‘Is he the same man whom she married just five years back? Can a person change in only this much of time? Do I even know him? If yes, then why does he seem so strange to me now.” She thought with a lump in her throat.

All his words started coming in her head at once.  The whole conversation of last night started playing like a film in front of her eyes.

“Mom does not want a girl child. It has to be a boy this time, you understand?” He almost shouted on her.  

“What If it’s a girl again like last time?” It was her.

“Than same, we’ll get this thing aborted again” he sounded real rude.
“Thing? It’s not a thing. It’s my kid. Be it boy or girl, it’s a part of my existence. How can you say like that?” How cruel can a Father get, she wondered?

“Whatever you say does not really mean anything to anyone. I earn and it’s my house. Now you have to decide what you want. Your husband or this piece of meat?” and he left her in tears.

She did not want this test. She did not want an abortion also of her last baby girl, but she did. She was weak, really weak to protest for this.

But she hoped for good. She wanted it to be a boy this time. She did not want any disputes in family. She looked at the clock. It was almost six in the evening and she heard the door bell. Her heart came in the mouth at once.

“It must be doctor” and she rushed to the door of her room and stood behind it. She dint want anyone to see her or tell her to come there.

She heard whole thing and collapsed there itself.

“Why fate is playing games with me” she dint understand.

“Did you hear what doctor said? We are going to the clinic tomorrow. He’ll arrange everything. It’s again a girl” he sounded cruel.

She dint say anything and closed the door behind him. It was the time. To choose what she thinks is right. She went to bed and cried till she decided what to go with.

She packed her bags and thought of leaving.

To a new life, to take breathe of freedom, to let the baby breathe in the air she wished to. She could see the independence lying ahead with the revival of life.


  1. A very poignant tale and justifies the prompt completely.

  2. Very sad Lalita..although the last paragraph offered some much needed hope. I am glad she left with her baby and hope they breathe together..thank you for your visit..Jae

  3. Brave girl, that! But then Lalita, this strength I think is being experienced more and a days and isn't it something beautiful that you are also contributing your bit in this effort.. its truly worthy of all the appreciation..

  4. Sad, yes, but such power in your words.

  5. I was so happy she chose the uncertainty of freedom.

  6. I'm happy she chose the way she did as well since she seemed to be following her heart.

  7. Wow, what an offering! The sadness and complexity of her feelings versus the wishes of her husband really does sell the despair. I am so glad you shared this with us, thanks!

  8. Great writing...
    Its a shame to even think that these kind of men existed...
    and they really did exist..they still do..i know..
    Thank you for sharing this touching story :)