Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Make A Difference!!

Breaking the silence, that voice seemed like coming from far "What you looking at the wall? What you thinking? What's going on?" I saw his face just in front of mine, staring at me, puzzled.

"No nothing, just like that". I tried to distract him.

"Don't think. Act. Do something for them. Get a life that makes a difference, to the society, to you and people related to you." He sounded different.

"What you talking about?" I wasn't already feeling like discussing anything about it. Why he always understands what is actually upsetting me.

"Don't pretend. I know, the condition of those slum and street kids is still bothering you. Tell me isn't it." He looked deep into my eyes and I couldn't lie. We saw them on the street corner, drinking and smoking, of the slum where we went to do a story for next edition.

"Yeah, what future they have, tell me? What ever they earn or get they use it in illegal things, they take drugs and all. Their parents worked and lived like this and even they not going to do any better." I am a really emotional person. I don't know why these thing trouble me like anything ever since I was a kid. Well. I am not really proud of that.

"Okay, I know that but how is you getting upset going to help them, tell me?" He sounded mature.

I kept quite as I had no words to utter. I looked into horizon and kept looking till a bell rang in my head.

"Why don't we spread awareness among them? We can use our paper and Rosh's NGO for it. What you think?" I had hope in my heart and excitement in my words.

"How?" He looked confused.

"Lets educated them. Lets make them see a brighter future. Make them feel the importance of their existence." I looked at him.

He smiled and nodded in approval. Obviously there was no point of objection. 


  1. A meaningful story Lalita - obviously heartfelt and well brought to light..Jae

  2. Hope it has begun... well written..anything stemming from heart and soul is captivating. well done.. Lalita..

  3. I love your work...
    Great motivation to do something for them..

    I have written a poem on the same theme...Do read it when you have time... :)