Friday, December 17, 2010

Romancing with Life!!

Leaning over the floor, dabbling his hand in the water of the pool and splashing the water over me, he smiled peacefully.

After all the trauma we had been through, after all those things we saw recently, It gave me a really nice feeling as I was always his side when he was going through all those ups and downs.  

Feeling of the warmth of that care and love mixed with small those water drops while looking deep into his eyes, I smiled back slowly without uttering a word, loving the way we were romancing with life.  

May be that is why people say, “In love every act makes impact which seems irritating when u not in love”. 


  1. Sharing something peaceful like splashing in the water..lovely thought..thank you for visiting again..Jae

  2. I've never heard that saying. Funny and true! Nice 3WW!

  3. There's some great lines in this, thanks for a great read.

  4. Well, I just remembered its actually not a saying but a feeling. Lol.. Thanks anyway.. :)