Monday, April 25, 2011

For those who "Matter"..!!

A note about visiting an "Old Age Home"...!!

"Merry Christmas" I said and smiled,
Seeing all the lights and wishes piled..
Ain't you happy seeing faces around,
What stops you to make any sound..!

She looked at me without any movement,
All I could see there was no excitement..
I could feel the storm behind that calm look,
Seemed there was nothing left for her to brook..!

I looked around at those other hundred feet,
Being happy was hard as life was discreet..
Those hands who made their kids walk every mile,
How they could put them away just like in a while.!! 


  1. Ouch... a bit of a sting to this one. The myriad of faces dull, blistering with long told days.

  2. Ithought the prompt looked like Christmas lights too - sad the gaiety didn't spread

  3. smooth word flow.
    love the feel when reading it.

  4. That was sweet...! I'd have Christmas lights up every day if I ruddy well could!

  5. fabulous.

    Join poetry potluck,
    Expose your talent to wider audience today,
    Share, have fun!
    Happy May!
    You Rock!