Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life's Own Way...!!

I wasn't really sure if it was an illusion,
It was hard to reach to any conclusion,

All Reasons were evident as I could see,
But still my soul din't crave to be free,

I wondered where my life was heading,
No directions I could see but was gliding,

Relying on the fate was the only option I felt,
let life make its way and problems would melt.

Things were not tragic if we see them other way,
Everything gets fine all you have to do is just stay.

Life always has its very own way to move ahead,
Only hope and love we can live upon and then spread.


  1. Sheilagh Lee said:"Only hope and love we can live upon and spread"
    so true lovely deep poem.

  2. well done have a nice way of looking at life.. well done..

  3. Illusions can be unnerving and it can be hard to separate illusion from relaity! Lovely poem!

  4. 'hope and love'..very important ingredients in this big, old cake of life..Jae

  5. And I suppose thats how life moves on..!! Thanks People for visiting..!! :)