Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Times when Unfair..!!

"What???" I looked at him surprisingly and yeah, obviously after that fight of last night it was such a surprise to see him standing next to my bed early morning. He almost scared me.

"I made you breakfast and tea. Wake up or you will be late for work" he said.

If it would have been like a normal day I would have overwhelmed with joy but those words of last night were still fresh in my head.

I looked at the clock, turned my head towards wall and again went to sleep "No work today, I am taking a break, will go out somewhere with friends".

I could feel him standing next to me still waiting for me to wake up but as I said it wasn't another day. All his lies and the act of disloyalties stood up against him and stopped me from melting once again. I felt like kneading my head. It was already paining badly because of the tears outflow whole night.

"Okay, and yeah, I have cleansed the kitchen too so you take care" and he left for work.
How much effort a sorry would cause him. and even if he says sorry would I be able to be the same ever again.

Was it my fault that I made my world go around nothing but only him? Did I expected more than I deserved by any chance? 
                Not I guess. Instead of breakfast a break was much needed I suppose.


  1. sorry is so hard to say
    good magpie

  2. Nicely done. Thanks for sharing.

  3. For some, the taste of sorry is so much more than the worst tasting food possible.

  4. Reminds me of the song, Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word by Elton John. Lies takes time to overcome along with the trust, even nice actions become not so nice like you say.

  5. I hope a break came after the breakfast..Jae

  6. Yeah, no matter what; a break always helps..!! :) thanks for visiting..!

  7. Yes, for some people truly apologizing is beyond them. Sometimes you can look past the words, and see that the actions show their contrition, but other times you really need to hear the words if their words hurt you in the first place, you know?

  8. Well crafted piece of writing.

  9. Sheilagh Lee said:Maybe it's the men Iknow but sorry doesn't seem to be in their vocabulary the gestures say it.Great story.