Thursday, April 28, 2011

When Lives need Help..!

I moved a bit further. I went near her. Looked at the face which must have been young and glowing before these fine wrinkles made their home on that.

I said looking at her basket "Give me a dozen. How much for?" She looked at me and smiled.

"A hundred" she replied slowly. May be the killing heat affected her so badly. 

I took the bag from her, she lifted her both hands to give blessings and smiled. I moved on, feeling happy that I might have helped her in some way. To me she resembled someone.
Thinking of these people who have to work like this even after this age is of resting and be in comfort. A remember that story my great grand dad used to tell us.

Few years back there was this one lady who moved to India leaving her fine and lavish life behind for taking care of homeless and rejected people. To spread some love among those who were not that fortunate.

The world passed by that footpath on what there was this a kid lying from like a day or more and no one seemed to even bothered. That dark and rainy night in which a sleek figure was walking down the street without even an umbrella. She stopped by there, looking at that thin tiny boy, she sat down. She took his hand in hers to feel his nerves and kept it back on the floor. She looked up at the sky and jointed her hands to pray. Lifted the kid in her Arms and walked off. To a place where he can get some peace at least after dying. so that even they can get the sleep which we all have. A sleep of relief and peace.

She was Agnes who was known as Teresa. Mother Teresa. 

May be we all need her once again and even stronger. 


  1. Touching tale .. we do need her back ! and many more like her ..

  2. Ahh, Mother Teresa ... a special woman with a divine calling ... how we do need her and her special caring ways!