Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Questions and even more of them..!!

We do feel empty and alone quite often, don't we? 
Life seems meaningless and peculiar, doesn't it? 

What do we want to generate and live basically? What is it really of which need we are not able to figure out and then fabricate?  

May be its just a change in the routine life we all are seeking but knowingly or unknowingly we refuse to adopt it or may be its just our belief system is so adamant that we don't even want to get out of it and face the reality.

Are we really so weak to face it or its just we don't want to get out of our comfort zone even if it doesn't give us the same comfort which we used to feel being teenagers. 

Too many questions on a tiny brain and a trap of feelings and thoughts all around. Which way to go and what to follow; deciding this is not as easy as it sounds.  

What seems the best is only an escape form everything what bothers you but it isn't so easy..!

Is it...???


  1. Life and its complexity well expressed!

  2. Sheilagh Lee:Defintitely not easy and the older we get the more questions we ponder.

  3. Why not just flip a coin when in doubt and the mind offers no solutions? :P :)


  4. It's never easy and even answers bring more questions..Jae :)

  5. What a sad post of introspection. Be careful not to miss out on the joys of life by pondering the imponderable. Hopefully this was just a post to suit the prompt and not the real you.

  6. Alan Bennett said: 'If it is not necessary to change, it becomes necessary Not to change.'
    Settle your immutable basics, then follow your instincts with the rest. DON'T go to a psychologist!!

  7. The questions of life that keep me awake at night. Thanks for expressing your raw feelings, it helps to connect us all.

  8. Thanks Deborah..!! :)

    Sheilagh Lee:- Yeah, and I guess thats why we call ourselves "Grown Ups.".! :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete:- Wish it was really that easy for everyone..! :)

    Jae:- Yeah, very true..! Few answers but questions would be even more..! :)

    Oldegg:- Yeah Yeah..! Was just a post seeing lots of People around confused in their lives ..! :)

    Old Altonian:- No Man; dont worry, would not need one..! Just a post it was..! Lol

    Cristine:- Yeah, there are few things which connects the human being, no matter which country he/she is from.! :)

    Thanks everyone for Visiting..!! Feedbacks are appreciated..! :)